Meet the BMEL TEAM

At Borderless Melodies, we believe that music transcends all boundaries - and we like talking about it. There is something about music that has the ability to bring people groups together that ,otherwise, would likely remain apart. There is something about music that makes us feel as though we're seen and we're heard - and even more importantly, that we are not alone.

Here on our website, you'll find articles from all over the musical spectrum. We'll talk about mainstream artists of the week, lesser-known artists of the month, up and coming digital apps, fun playlist ideas, concert and album reviews, and many other topics.

We hope that you'll stick around and find a community here with us; one that has all races, nationalities, orientations, religions, etc. After all, we're one big family with one common goal: to live and enjoy life to the fullest - and we're blessed enough to have music as a part of that.

Feel free to engage with us, follow our social medias, and request for us to look into different albums, applications, etc. We want to make sure that all voices are heard.

Thanks for hanging with us!