5 New Songs For Your Playlist

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Erick the Architect - Let It Go

Flatbush Zombies member Erick the Architect is back with another single “Let It Go” ft. Loyle Carner & FARR. The first taste of what's to come of his new upcoming EP Future Proof dropping January 22, 2021. “Let It Go” is about living your life and not dwelling on the wrongs. It’s a reminder that life isn’t always promised, nor is it free. That money can always be earned, but memories can never be recreated.

Joyce Wrice - So So Sick

Hiding in plain sight, artist Joyce Wrice comes out of nowhere with her new single “So So Sick” produced by D’Mile. A love song about running around in circles with the wrong person and moving on with life after being fed up with not being wanted or appreciated. The love that could have been yours is now in the hands of someone else and that jealousy makes you sick.

YDE - Blind Life

If you're looking for the next pop hit, I suggest listening to YDE’s “Blind Life” written by YDE, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larsson & Robin Fredriksson. This 17-year old artist delivers a nice world-ending vibe, with a smooth back and forth groove. The song makes you feel like even if the world doesn’t seem to be going right, at least we have this song.

Dende - Phone Number

Houston, TX artist Dende drops “Phone Number” ft. Bairi & Chris Patrick. A dope track about earning the 7-digits and seeing what comes afterwards. We know a phone number exchange is meant to keep in touch with one another, but soon just ends up being a random contact with a forgotten name. The moral of the story is if you were given a phone number from someone special, could they trust you to use it?

Shilxh - Bad Tattoos

The addiction to tattoos is real, even if they're bad decisions. Texas-based artist Shilxh expresses that with the release of her latest single “Bad Tattoos'' produced by Kinderr. A song about leaving a love imprint on someone so bad that it’s like a bad tattoo. Whether you're toxic for me or me for you, regardless we both walk away knowing our worth, but like ink, we're stained with the memories.

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