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Action Bronson has graced our screens and ears for some years now. The Queens rapper got into the game later than most and filled his time pre spitting bars cheffing it up in gourmet kitchens around the Big Apple; this came to an end with him breaking a leg, out of the kitchen it gave him time to work on his hobby turned profession.

Action has always been known to his fans as a larger than life character with a stature to go along with it, that's why his recent trend to record his efforts towards a healthier lifestyle is promising to those who want the best for him.

Famous for the VICE series "F**k thats delicious" where he and some friends travel around trying the best and most celebrated cuisines known to man. This reputation culminates in quite strange instances such as his Baklava bake off with Dua Lipa.

Food and the culture surrounding it has always been shown to be a massive part of Actions life but now we're seeing Action be more like Bronson with the bicep curls and dips that just won't quit.

He first made note of this lifestyle change after his last child was born and has constantly updating Instagram and other social media with workout clips and thrust traps alike. Not seen as glory boating but a genuine achievement and an inspiration to many other people out there, especially considering that he took the past year and got after it in the gym whilst the world has been slowly speedily turning to chaos.

Tipping Point

Action stated that what threw him into the fitness frenzy was stepping onto the scales one way and them tipping over 375lbs.

what the f**k did I do to myself?’

Action Bronson in 2018 (Source: menshealth)

Having not stepped onto the scales in over a year it seemed living hard fast and free took its toll on Action. Even stating that he has been living this way for the past 10 years but not quite comprehending the damage that it was doing.

Shedding 130lbs in 9 months with a staggering average of 3.6lbs a week for 36 weeks straight the torment has not stopped as he continues to adopt a savage medieval way of working out. He has stated that getting into the gym and changing his lifestyle has saved his life.

(Source: menshealth)

Diet Plan

Breakfast​: (4:30)

Eggs - soft scrambled

Shake (protein, fruit, olive oil, almonds, almond milk)

"Green juice is a beautiful thing,"

Hit the GYM

Immediate second shake to replenish


5-10 egg whites



Make another shake to sip throughout the day


Keep it light & low carb

Grilled chicken & broccoli

Soup - all different kinds

Could go pizza (no cheese)


special occasion:

Baklava - needs to be a very special occasion, the macros are not great on this. Every day:

natural, non processed & straight up raw - Raw cacao or almond butter desserts

‘It was my birthday the other day and I looked at the cake, I know that cake I've had it every year’

It's a VICE.

The big man has a legacy of eating with his first appearance on VICE sister channel Noisey being in February 2013 with them taking him to one of Milan's best restaurants, the Al Mercato. A few months later November F*ck, That’s Delicious was born in its first incarnation as ‘VICE Eats with Action Bronson at Marea’. For the past 7 years 4 seasons have come out of the rapper along with friends including producer The Alchemist,“ Albanian cousin” Big Body Bes and vegetarian rapper Meyhem Lauren. With 42 episodes of the core series built around just eating it's no surprise the Queens native found himself worse for wear when stepping onto the scales. The last season came out in August and with the lack of a complete lockdown or masks it's clear it was filmed before his transformation. Surely in the next season we will see Action indulge just as much but most likely work it off in the gym.

Left to right - The Alchemist, Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Big Body Bes. (Source: Imdb)

In a recent episode of ‘Hot Ones’ filmed during lockdown we saw Bam Bam switch out the traditional fried wings for grilled chicken, showing how deeply it’s permeated through his daily life.

Action’s Actions have undoubtedly inspired countless big men and women alike, it's good to see somebody famed for fast living & binge eating taking care of himself and realising the potential that he holds and the change that can happen. It is definitely one of the more positive stories to come out in the past year and that should be talked about more. No doubt the research showing that those with higher body fat percentages were more at risk from the worse effects of coronavirus further pushed the rapper in his efforts to turn back the scale also. Sure people could say that he has the money and freedom to do such a thing during a global pandemic but can't hate a man for doing the most in his situation.

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