AJR Announce New Album "OK ORCHESTRA"

Article by Stephanie Escobar

This New York City-based indie-pop trio teased a new era was on the horizon, and fans were raving for an announcement. They finally announced on December 21st that their new studio album “OK ORCHESTRA” was set to release in 2021. This is the bands’ fourth album, following the release of “Neotheater” in 2019. “Neotheater” reached number eight on the Billboard 200 chart, and the brothers spent much of 2019 touring.

During 2020, the band spent much of their time teasing what their new era was all about. Even though we don’t know much about what exactly they’re bringing in 2021, we know for sure that their playful and vibrant style is still present.

Earlier this year, the band released “Bang” which became a hit on the radio, and over the summer they followed that success with “Bummerland”. This group of brothers didn’t stray away from experimenting with sounds and storytelling. Despite the daunting task of creating another album following the success of “Neotheater”, it seems like they’re headed in the right direction for another success.

Their recent release “My Play” is the third single off the album, giving us more insight into the world of “OK ORCHESTRA”. It tells the vulnerable story of a young boy who is dealing with the divorce of their parents. This single is the most laid back out of three singles released adding to the raw emotions that the band wants to showcase in the album. They recently performed this for the first time on December 26 during their live-streamed concert.

"It’s been a year in the making, and after 12 emotionally cathartic months, it’s turned into possibly our favorite album we’ve ever made," - AJR shared on Instagram

“OK Orchestra” is set to be released on March 26, 2021. So far we can expect a wide range of emotions to be felt with the addition of some addicting sounds and beats. AJR shared with iHeartRadio that “In the most uncertain year of our lives, making OK ORCHESTRA was the one certain thing we had to hold on to... We ended up with the most sonically experimental and emotionally raw album we've ever made."

Check out the music video for “My Play” below, and Pre-Order/Pre-Save“OK ORCHESTRA” here.

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