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Newly released chill house track ‘Still Be Friends’ has got our attention on Arcando. Marc Bandecchi, better known as Arcando, made 2021 sweeter with this brand new electronic pop single that speaks volume of a confusing love relationship. The talented Dutch producer is quickly rising in the electronic music scene. In this interview with Borderless Meldoeis, he opens up about his inspiration behind the song and how intuitive the chorus came to mind while working on a school project. The captivating bassline provides a hook that turns the narrative of a heartbreak into a bubbly electro pop tune, making this dance track one that delivers more than just an inherently emotional song.

Check out the heartfelt, yet bittersweet track released on Chill Nation here.

While we are still in awe of how Arcando is able to produce a diverse mix of stunning dance tunes from emotional chill pop like ‘Still Be Friends’ to trap music like ‘Cinema’, we are also impressed by his candid sharing of song production tutorials, ‘Arcando Sessions;, on Youtube.

“It doesn't matter what I release, I always make sure that it's not directed to one specific group. I want my music to be heard by as many people as possible.”

Arcando on his musical style

Coupled with his official remixes for A-list artists like R3HAB and Tritonal, Arcando has earned steady support from international DJs and top producers alike. We are keeping our ears peeled for new tracks from Arcando and ‘Still Be Friends’ will definitely be one of the top tracks on our playlist going into the new year.

Thank you so much for your time to do this interview. Can you tell us where you are right now and how are you doing?

Arcando: Thanks for thinking of me for doing this interview! I'm doing good! Corona has had some impact on my daily lifestyle though, but luckily the music keeps me busy.I'm born and raised in The Netherlands. However, my dad is from Italy, so I do get some italian influences as well.

How did the name 'Arcando' come about and how did you start out writing and producing songs?

Arcando: It's funny actually, my mom came up with it. My first artist name back in the days was "Mr. Marc", which obviously sounded horrible. So then my mom came up with "Marc Can Do", which then led to "Marcando", removed the M and that made it "Arcando".

I started producing when I was around 14 years old, but I started playing guitar and piano when I was six. The singing didn't happen too much later, I think when I was around 10 years old I started combining playing the guitar and singing. From there I kept practicing and singing and only last year I decided to start releasing songs with my own vocals and lyrics. My first song was "There For You", which was a self release I did in July 2020.

How would you describe your musical style?

Arcando: I would describe my musical style as a mixture of electronic music and acoustic music. I love implementing real-life instruments in my songs, such as guitar, piano, vocals and even percussive instruments. I would describe my overall sound as "appealing" to a broad audience. I also don't make one specific style, I make whatever I like. This can differentiate in styles, like Still Be Friends, which is more pop, and ‘Cinema’, which is more Trap. However, it doesn't matter what I release, I always make sure that it's not directed to one specific group. I want my music to be heard by as many people as possible.

Congrats on your new track 'Still Be Friends'! It's a banger and we love the captivating beats! Can you let us in on how you came to produce the song?

Arcando: Thank you! I started producing the song last year in May actually. It started as a school project (I'm studying at a music school). My teachers wanted the class to record a live set/stream for our social media pages, something I've actually never done before.

The first thing I decided to do, was to create new songs from scratch, in order to get enough content going for the stream.

When I started ‘Still Be Friends’, I actually wrote the main chorus in 15 minutes haha! That day felt amazing. After I wrote the chorus and produced the first part of the beat, I played/sang the song live for the stream. After that though, I got stuck on the song and felt like not working on it anymore, because it only gave me stress and anxiety. I even tried to get other vocalists on the track or to let them finish the other parts of the lyrics for me, but that didn't work out at all. After a couple month I decided to give it another try & then it all came nicely together. I'm extremely happy with the final result.

What do you hope your fans can take away from your music?

Arcando: I hope my fans can follow the story that I'm trying to tell in every song. Every record I produce has a storyline that consists of all types of different emotions (feeling sad, in love, motivated, relaxed, etc).

Your 'Arcando Sessions' video on Youtube are so interesting! How did you come up with the idea of the content?

Arcando: I've always loved to upload tutorials and walkthroughs online. Just to show people what I do and to see all the fans appreciate it, motivates me even more. I don't have a lot of secrets when it comes down to music production.

Can we expect any more new music from you soon?

Arcando: Yes! Actually, I will be extremely busy with new projects/songs this year. I have my next release scheduled for February 19th, but after that I want to try to release every 2/3 weeks. Also, this year I'm going to drop my own merchandise, which will be a very big side project for me as well.

What has always been your musical dream?

Arcando: My musical dream has always been to just release music that contains a story that I try to tell. I've always wanted to make people happy or feel a certain way when they listen to my creations. I even had people message me saying that my music helped them through difficult times. This is one of the best compliments any musician can get from someone.

Any dream collaborations?

Arcando: Right now I'm working with some of my favourite artists/DJs in the world actually. I don't want to say too much though, but I hope I can release these projects soon.

Last but not least, is there anything you hope to say to your fans?

Arcando: I hope my fans will stick with me in the long run. I appreciate their support so much, which makes me want to work even harder. My fans have become an important part of my life.

Arcando’s renowned shows extract elements of live-instruments, personal vocals and a diverse mix of EDM, trap and pop, solidifying himself as a rising star in many genres across the world. The adoring DJ is set to deliver next level tracks that captivate the EDM, Trap and pop spaces internationally.

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