Babyfang - Olive Juice

Photo Credit to Babyfang Article by Jay Vibez

It’s funny how life tends to work out: a new band comes together and then a global pandemic sweeps the nation. With quarantine being the day to day for most, at least we still have music to focus on. Meet Babyfang, a talented New York trio with the sound of funk, soul and punk all combine. Formed at the beginning of the year, the band consists of the bassist and vocalist Evan Lawrence, singer, songwriter and guitarist Théo Mode, and producer/drummer Samuel Ogoe, Jr. It’s true, that the Babyfang has only been able to play two live shows, it was enough to get fans to take an interest and want more.

Music has always been a day to day consumption for listeners, but since quarantine people have been focused on finding the next artist to shine in the light and rise out the shadow. I believe Babyfang could be that next wave. Their drive and motive to create music is to take the dark feelings and emotions out of life and mold them into something beautiful. Although, If it wasn’t for mutual friends the band might have never even met in the first place. A group of friends knew of two talented individuals who would sound great together, Théo and Samuel. They linked up for a practice session and create a new sound altogether. Shortly after, they caught wind of a popular bass player in the city named Evan, who would eventually join the band and create Babyfang.

Their EP “Olive Juice” overall, took about a year and a half for it to be fully completed and is based on the soulful joy, thrill, and bloom of love. The early stages of a newly

developed relationship, where each moment feels like a movie. Their music sounds like a mixer of GF Anon and Camp.30, Something you can vibe to. The most popular track on the EP is “So Much”, this song alone captures the tone and vibe of the EP all together. It's the first song Théo learned to play on the guitar and that spoke the most volume. While exploring his talents for the guitar, Théo Mode began to develop “Olive Juice” on the basis of his own relationship growth. The title itself comes from multiple sources. Like Théo’s first guitar being named olive and his jazz playing Grandpa being named Oliver. The main source however, originates from the childhood memory of mouthing the words “Olive Juice” to making it seem as if you where saying “I love you”. Babyfang is currently working on a new project, with a few demos and ideas in mind

The cover of the EP captures Théo sipping a delicious martini with a splash of olive juice. What better way to express their music, then with a nice cold drink. The artist who created the cartoon animated images, wanted to reflect a generic version of falling in love inspired by Théo’s current relationship. symbol of love that anyone can relate to, regardless of who you are, love is universal and can be recognized in all eyes.

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