Bad Bunny Surprises NYC with Virtual Concert

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Article by Stephanie Escobar

Earlier last week there was news that Bad Bunny would be doing a live virtual concert. We had gotten some music earlier this year at the peak time of quarantine with the release of “LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR”, and got magazines covers for Rolling Stone, and Playboy. After that Bad Bunny went quiet for a bit. Sure enough, my timelines on various social media platforms exploded on behalf of the news of this virtual concert. Many were ready to finally see Benito perform some of his hits. Even though it wouldn’t be at a venue where we’re all perreando, it would be in the safety of our homes.

I tuned in on Uforia Live (a radio broadcasting section of Univision) on Sunday afternoon to finally see Bad Bunny live. I came in expecting a virtual concert probably happening at a remote location with a camera crew and some cool screens in the background. I feel like this has been the standard during a pandemic when it comes to some virtual live streams. I was clearly off and blown away though when we got to see Bad Bunny on tv, standing on top of a semi-truck painted as an NYC subway cart. With LED screens flashing Bad Bunny’s famous bunny logo on the sides. At this point, I thought “Oh, cool! He’s performing on top of this truck.” That wasn’t all folks, the truck started to move within the traffic as he was paraded throughout New York City starting from the Bronx, Washington Heights, and Harlem.

“It was difficult for me to do a concert without an audience. I didn't want to,” Bad Bunny said during the show. “But I’m accepting the new reality and I hope people enjoy this. We need it.” Need indeed. Music is something that brings many together and Bad Bunny brought many people globally to watch his virtual performance. He honored first responders for their work during this pandemic, and it was a celebration for Latinx heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Bad Bunny performed many of his songs from his latest album “YHLQMDLG”, as well some greatest hits, including “Ni Bien, Ni Mal,” “La Romana,” “Si Estuviesemos Juntos,” “Solo De Mi,” “No Me Conoce,” “Soltera (Remix)” and “Te Bote.” He performed all these bangers all while also dodging traffic lights, branches, cables, and ducking bridges. Even though Bad Bunny didn’t have the crowd he expected, there were still many people following him and running in the streets of NYC to just get a glimpse of him. Bad Bunny ended the night with the classic “Yo Perreo Sola” leaving many asking “Where is Safaera?” Hopefully, one day we will hear it live.

While Bad Bunny was performing, he premiered a new music video for his song "Una Vez."

Could this form of virtual concerts be a new trend during this time of social distancing? Who would you love to see do something similar to Bad Bunny? Let us know!

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