beaux drops catchy new track ‘What’s The Point’ and announces new EP

Article by Sheila Lim

Rising pop newbie beaux has released a new single ‘What’s The Point?’ and announced his brand new EP ‘a love letter to the moments spent outside’. Set for release on the 12th February, the EP will definitely showcase beaux’s talents in his song writing. Following the release of the peaceful ‘by the lake’ late last year, ‘What’s The Point?’ sees beaux take a bold step forward with irresistibly catchy synths and heartfelt lyrics about finding joy in the little things in life and wishing for the hours spent with a love to stretch out forever.

On the latest single, beaux shares that “’what’s the point?’ is a focus on the positive aspects of my life in the past year. Like most, lots of my plans had to be cancelled, which was frustrating, but it also allowed for more time with those closest to me. When restrictions eased during the summer, my girlfriend and I spent a lot of our days just skateboarding out in the sun, it was as if our way of life had slowed down, and reverted to simpler times”

“I wanted the video to encapsulate the sentiment of the whole EP,” he continues. “The majority of my best memories have taken place outdoors in past summers, and last year, more than ever, it wasn’t really possible to meet with family and friends indoors, so EVERY good memory I made was outside. The screens act as a backdrop throughout the performance, showing different summer scenes that hopefully transport you from the cold winter sound stage in London, to the sunny places I’ve written about.”

Check out the visually captivating music video and the charming beaux here:

Can’t wait for the new EP? Listen to beaux’s 2020 debut release ‘I Don’t Want To Make It Alone, I Want To Make It With You’ here. While his first release channeled feelings of uncertainty and loss, his new music sees him finding confidence in new relationships, friendships and even inspiration in Wes Anderson films.

With sonic touchstones from Rex Orange County to Troy Sivan to The 1975, the 21 year old rising pop artist will be sure to wow listeners with his self-taught, super catchy synth drive pop pairs indie sensibilities and intimate storytelling. Oh, did we also mention that the talented artist also has 1.5million followers on Tik Tok and over 30 million likes?

Check out his new bop ‘What’s The Point?’ now and follow beaux’s socials here:



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