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If you need to take a break from your 3 song repeat playlist you always put on in your car, no worries I got you! Here are some dope new artists on the rise, each bringing a whole new vibe to the table. With 2020 coming to an end, I wanted to bring some light on some upcoming artists that deserve to be noticed.

First up is Maryland rapper Nate Joël, for quite a while he has been making waves in the music scene, but now it definitely looks like his work is getting recognition. Nate’s delivery and flow on each of his tracks and features are hard-hitting. With stories about living life and daily struggles, his music is about to be familiar with everyone. Don’t sleep on Nate, his music content remains consistent with amazing bars and outstanding visuals.

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Meet Nathi, an incredible artist and producer from Brazil, if you're unaware of who she is no worries because you soon will. Nathi creates music that is soothing to the soul. A type of vibe that has you zoned out on the couch one minute, then walking somewhere wondering about life the next. Her energy radiates nothing, but peace, love and motivation. Nathi's most recent series The Tree Girl Sessions are gonna be the reason you become a fan and they are just a taste of what she can bring to the table.

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Next up is Florida based artist Kaylee Ameri. So every now and again we find an artist that makes us think “yoo who is this” and Kaylee is without a doubt one of those artists. Her latest song Tick Tock is an R&B ride through, that puts you on a path of love and lets fate seal the deal. Not only is Kaylee’s music on point, but so is her self promotion. She is using her platforms to their full potential and quickly gaining an organic following. Listen to this talented human being and become a part of the Kaylee wave.

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If you haven’t heard of Chris Patrick yet, your music taste must be off. This New Jersey based artist is making himself known all around with his unique flow. If you're curious on what to compare him to there’s really no one, but if you had to, his music gives off Dreamville-like vibes. From inspirational songs like Dreams and Swish, Chris has shown time and time again what he is truly capable of. His talent really shows with his most recent hit 3 am. An R&B track that has you cruising through the late-night waiting for that “you up?" text. Even though Chris's journey has barely kicked off, there’s no question that he will soon reach his success and fame.

Photo: Via Twitter

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