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After forming in 2016, BLACKPINK became a force to be reckoned with in Asia, slowly growing popularity around the world. On October 2, BLACKPINK released their first Korean-language studio album (THE ALBUM). Including popular singles “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream," this girl group was able to come out with a strong debut, showing off their skills of creating music with mixing genres while staying true to themselves. Even though K-Pop has been a well-known genre around the world, BTS was the breakout K-Pop group that made the genre grow in viral and social media popularity. Although BTS is an incredible group, BLACKPINK has begun to shine in the United States, sending a message to everyone who thinks K-Pop groups are ruled by men. When one listens to THE ALBUM, they will easily hear the Hip-Hop and EDM beats within their Pop songs. However, two songs to pay attention to are “Bet You Wanna” (feat. Cardi B) and “You Never Know.”

“Bet You Wanna” (feat. Cardi B): As previously mentioned, BLACKPINK continued to show success in creating music with mixing genres. “Bet You Wanna” not only showed the mixing of genres but also showed listeners that Hip-Hop artist Cardi B was able to shine in a mainly pop genre song. Cardi B has grown in popularity within the Hip-Hop genre within the last few years, including a Grammy Award win for Best Rap Album in 2019. It comes as no surprise that BLACKPINK released another collaboration. However, after previously collaborating with pop artists, Cardi B brings a breath of fresh air to BLACKPINK’s collaboration. Their freshness combined with the freshness of Cardi B brings a song with a new perspective for both artists.

“You Never Know”: Out of all songs featured on the album, "You Never Know" is likely the only song that does not include any mix of genres. Even though people may think of songs in the Pop genre to be cliché, not all of them would put together a fast beat and mix it with more classical instruments like this. What stuck out the most in this song was, in fact, the piano and violins, especially since most songs recorded these days do not include those instruments, unless they are being performed live. For those of you who love Pop music and classical instruments, “You Never Know” is the song to check out.

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