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In preparation for our review of “Ice Cream,” Emma and I got to talking about BLACKPINK, BTS, and the scope of K-pop music in general. I was as surprised as ever to find that I really enjoyed BLACKPINK’s first #1 hit, “How You Like That”, as it breaks boundaries for female musicians from all over. The sound is not overly aggressive but still hits you with that commercial pop/edm blend we’ve come to know and love. From my understanding, there was even some hip hop thrown in there! My first listen to BLACKPINK was so refreshing. They definitely caught me off-guard, and my attention is piqued! “Ice Cream” is the newest single from BLACKPINK in collaboration with Selena Gomez, whose album charted #1 on the billboards as well.

“Ice Cream,” features a music video teaser and I have to say, I cannot get enough of these stunning visuals! Bright, pastel colors surround the girls, and it looks like a candy-coated daydream. Selena makes an appearance towards the end of the teaser, flipping her hair back gracefully. She looks as beautiful as in the last video we saw from her, “Boyfriend.” Bright colors were chosen for the treatment, very fitting for the running theme throughout the video.

My first impression of “Ice Cream” was that it would be commercially successful. I could see why people might like the song as it is super catchy, a jingle that will easily get stuck in your head. It’s fun-loving, and a little sensual—no deep-diving on this one but sometimes you need that break from reality! It’s a simple song about catching someone’s attention, and being their “type.” It relays having a soft spot for that one person and wanting things to go further. Vocally, I was taken back to early Fifth Harmony a little bit in that all of the girls have such distinct tones in their singing. Still, they managed to be in sync with Selena’s on this record.

Emma’s Thoughts

Before I go into my opinion of “Ice Cream”, I went into this thinking about whether or not BLACKPINK would stick to their K-Pop roots. Selena Gomez is widely known for her work in the pop music genre and has not mixed other genres into her music in the way that BLACKPINK does. The main thing that pop and K-Pop have in common is that they contain songs that make people want to sing and dance wherever they are. So the question is, can this song be something to sing and dance to?

Like Megan, I too am in love with the visuals in the music video. From the wardrobe cohesion, to the colorful and fun set, the music video was a great way to present the song as something other than a widely publicized single. Not to mention it made me want to grab an ice cream sundae! The released teaser of the music video gained numerous views on Twitter, which likely is part of the reason why its music video premiered as the #1 trending YouTube video the day of its release. It was honestly one of the only pop music videos where I wanted to watch it from start to finish due to the level of attraction.

After listening to this song, I could see how they were all able to mix the genres together. “Ice Cream” had the beat, the rap, the vocals, and the lyrics that people will be singing and dancing to for the remainder of the summer. Even though it wasn’t my favorite, this song had a certain kind of flavor that makes it just as unique as other K-Pop songs. After everything that has been going on within the last few months, listeners deserve to have more fun-loving songs to listen to. I applaud BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez for their contribution and am looking forward to BLACKPINK's release of their debut Korean-language studio album The Album this October.

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