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What better ways to win over your music loving pals and discover new tunes in the music space that could well become your go-to soundtrack you never knew you needed?

In this monthly BMEL FRESH! series, we feature an emerging artist on the rise that you should totally get to know, add to your playlists and brag about your little secret before everyone else jumps onto their music. Your next favorite artist could well be making all the great songs on another side of the world that you have yet to hear so keep reading and find what you love. This is what Borderless Melodies is about – we bring you ace music that transcends all boundaries.

In the month of September, here is Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Faime.

Faime (pronounced ‘Fame’) is a singer songwriter who grew up in Motor City, Detroit (yes, Motown!) Born in India, the 23 year old released his first project in late 2018, and has been slowly building a dedicated fan-base ever since. With his impressive ear for pop production, Faime has amassed a following that has materialized into one of YouTube’s strongest thresholds.

Faime released his debut EP ‘Escape’ in December 2019 and has been working on new music throughout this year. To top off his hypnotizing vocals in each song, the cover arts are beautifully designed to embody a simple yet longing feeling of hope. The lyric video of each track also conveys a sense of pure warmth through its minimalist hue of colors and artistic fonts. Watch here:

If you are a fan of the sounds from LANY, Sasha Sloan, Jeremy Zucker or keshi, you should start to whip out your device and look no further. Faime produces music with a mix of various genres including pop and an ultra- chill indie R&B sound. What makes Faime’s vocals different are their proven track record in quelling a generation that is more anxious than any generation prior. His voice is distinctly delicate as proven in his latest single ‘All I Need’. It defines a bittersweet melody and lo-fi-pop chill beats. With lamenting lyrics about lost love and staying in the present moment, this gentle track will awash your heart in a mellow and heartwarming way.

Faime has already been featured on several YouTube channels and Spotify playlists including Soft Pop Hits, Pop Chill Out and Youtube’s MrSuicideSheep channel, Aminium Music, 7Clouds and Shadow Music. If you ever need another reason why you should listen to Faime, look no further. Recently, V from hot favourite K-Pop boyband shared one of Faime’s songs “Save” on their social media profile which catapulted the singer’s profile and already active fan-base. Link here:

Faime’s socials:




Top three recommended songs:

All I Need



While we patiently wait for more new music from Faime in the coming few months, kick back and chill out with a warm cuppa coffee to Faime’s captivating vocals now.

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