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If you’ve been sleeping on Mei, we’re here to put out your snooze button on Borderless Melodies Fresh! Series in November. Formerly known as Brandt Orange, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Mei, is known for his soothing and calm tunes with a unique perspective on the crests and troughs of modern relationships. 

In an ever-expanding modern R&B scene, Mei releases tracks such as ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Effortless’ and ‘Rudimental’, that strive for a poignant narrative and rise above the noise with his penchant for story-telling and attention to details. He wrote and produced every track on his album and credits his songwriting approach to artists such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Frank Ocean, and Bon Iver.

In his latest single ‘Frankenstein’ (no pun intended with Halloween), the acoustic guitar strums came through crystal clear, powered with his strong vocals and passionate lyrics about love. It sounds slightly different from his older singles with the nuanced soundscape that shows his ability to display a palette of colours to his songwriting skills.

Mei previously opened shows for Mac Ayers and Gus Dapperton before the much-anticipated release of ‘Rudimental’. The music video for ‘Rudimental’ has over 15k views and it transports us to a picturesque nature landscape with Mei singing so personally about a relationship. “Still won’t call you back, scared I’ll get attached after all these” just hits different with Mei’s vocals.

If you are a fan of Khalid, SZA, or Post Malone, you will not want to miss out on this artist and his ability to write songs that touch on conflicts of interest in heartbreaks, identity and life in an intimate introspective. This fall season, groove to Mei’s tracks and light a candle, his songs will be sure to bring a sweet warmth to your heart.

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Top three recommended songs to get you started if you are not up on Mei yet:

  • “Frankenstein”

  • “Rudimental”

  • “Chaser”

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