BMEL Fresh! - October: Introducing Hayd!

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This is not just another success story from Tik Tok. This is the beauty of it. Once again, Tik Tok has proven how it changes the game when it comes to music discovery of independent artists and labels. In October’s BMEL FRESH! series, we have freshly squeezed an emerging artist and an amazing new track for you, the one and only Hayd.

Hayd, real name Hayden Hubers, is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Michigan. Most recently, Hayd uploaded his track ‘Changes’ as an original sound on Tik Tok for fans and within the first day, his original video gained thousands of views. Multiple verified influencers started to pick up the track and jumped on the trend to launch their own versions of it. Watch the viral track on Tik Tok here:

With raw lyrics such as “I have been going through the motions learning how to pretend that everything is perfect” and “I have been sinking in an ocean, drowning but I’m silent”, it is not hard to understand why the number of video creations based off these deeply personal lyrics have taken off. Most of the videos portray heartbreaking stories reflective of our times and exude the genuine emotions of the creators.

Following the virality of the track, Hayd launched a pre-save for ‘Changes’ that is set to be released on 9th October. To date, he has already amassed close to a solid 45k followers on Spotify, with monthly listeners crossing the 194k. For one who has “been wrestling the last couple of months about what direction and message to share with the world”, Hayd is one shining star that is on our radar.

When it comes to the current pandemic and profound tragedies this year has amassed in, ‘Changes’ is a tease that greatly reflects the harsh realities of the world we live in. It is a clear combination of emotive and sad pop. Featuring smooth and youthful vocals along with soothing keyboard-based arrangements, it is an uphill challenge not to sink into an emotional state of mind, conjuring weighted feelings of a heavy heart.

If you are a fan of Tate McRae, Ruel or Alec Benjamin, you will be sold by Hayd’s vocals and tunes. Whether you are a bit of an introvert or extrovert, still struggling to make sense of the world and how to fit in to the norm where you feel fake all the time, Hayd understands. “Changes” will be your precious new soundtrack for October.

Follow Hayd on:

Top three recommended songs to get you started if you are not up on Hayd yet:

  • “Suffocate”

  • “Superhero”

  • “Safe & Sound”

Refresh your playlist and start to pre-save “Changes” here. It is a date on 9th October – let us all have a crying party.

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