BMEL WRAPPED 2020: Part Two

All weekend long, we're featuring some of our writers' favourite tunes in 2020!

Here are some tunes that Jay Vibez wants to share with us...

Y’all we made it to the end of the year! It’s finally time to wrap up 2020 and move forward with a better and brighter future. Joining Borderless Melodies has been life-changing, we’ve delivered some incredible articles, stunning playlists, outstanding interviews from talented artists, and more. It’s really exciting to see all of our fan base of readers and writers grow with each new piece of content released. Thank you to everyone for reading and supporting us throughout this year. Stay updated with what's to come next and continue to be the best version of yourself. With that being said, here’s my 2020 end of the year playlist with 20 tracks of some of this year’s best music from upcoming artists and some known favorites.

  • BS - Still Woozy

Still Woozy is one of my favorite artists, his latest single BS is a song about fighting anxiety and worries when falling in love. Being stuck between what you feel in your heart and what you see in your brain.

  • Tick Tock - Kaylee Ameri

Kaylee Ameri drops Tick Tock, an R&B love relationship vibe. Having a lover that makes it seem as if everything will be easy in a relationship, but in the end is flooded with complications and time wasted.

  • NEED A MINUTE - Russ

Russ never disappoints, SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE is an incredible album. It kicks off with Need a minute, a song about taking a step back realizing how far you’ve come. Take a moment and appreciate what you have.

  • Hometown - Angel Cintron

Angel Cintron single Hometown off her Seeing Stars - EP is a motivational vibe for following your dreams. Finally leaving your hometown and taking that leap of faith. Everyone has big ideas, but not everyone always acts on them.

  • Pretty Girls - iann dior

Pretty Girls just wanna have fun! Produced by Kinderr, off the album I’M GONE this song is a wave of fun. Celebrating a new lifestyle and having fun without any distractions.

  • London - Kaash Paige

Kaash Paige, a part of the new R&B wave, she dominates on her album Teenage Fever. Her song London is about turning up in the moment and getting things poppin, until that baddie by the end of the night slides through.

  • Kevin - Oliver Malcolm

Kevin is a lost on the streets type of vibe, this single gives off that too cool for school or IDGAF attitude. At night out filled with beer and cigarettes, not really caring about anything, but usually it just means your hiding how you truly feel.

  • Lockdown - Anderson .Paak

Lockdown is an incredible and meaningful protest single, showcasing the Black Lives Matter movement and the Police Brutality protest that was taking place in LA, back in June of 2020.

  • Extinct - Reason, Isaiah Rashad, JID

TDE member Reason is back with his album New Beginnings, a straight playthrough with zero skips his song Extinct, brings new collaboration fans have been waiting to see. A calm, cool and collective sound with a hint of Latin flavor.

  • damn Right - Audrey Nuna

Damn right that's Audrey Nuna! Her single damn Right is about the human nature of today, that is gossiping and flexing. People always have something to say, so give them something to talk about.

  • Plastic Plants - Mahalia

One of my favorite artists of today, Mahalia. Isolation Tapes was released on her 22nd Birthday May 1st, 2020. Plastic Plants is about wanting a relationship to grow and become vivid like it is in the movies. Expecting your love to blossom like roses, but ending up with plastic plants.

  • Dizzy - Renzo

Latest artist to hit the scene is Renzo, his TikTok single Dizzy produced by Chillingcat was quick to catch fans attention. This song is about feeling dizzy from the lust you have for someone. Being a horndog and wanting someone all to yourself.

  • 3AM - Chris Patrick

Chris Patrick switches things up with his R&B single 3AM. This song is about creeping through the night and sliding through. Wanting to be with someone while not trying to be a part of the problem, but still appreciating the time together and seeing where it leads.

  • Mi Casa - Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend, is an artist everyone should know about. Mi casa is off his most recent album EVERYTHING and is about living a more chilled lifestyle. If you show me love, I will show it back. Mi casa es su casa.

  • Menu - Meta

Is it an issue if you're on the menu? Texas artist Meta drops his single Menu. A song about the lust of wanting to spend time together with someone and not wanting to be alone. Eyeballing them like an item on the menu.

Scene - Ambrose Brown, Cursed Prince

Ambrose Brown and Cursed Prince single Scene, is about dealing with what isn’t healthy in your life. A poem about flushing away all the drugs and unhealthy relationships that revolve around your life.

  • bloody valentine - Machine Gun Kelly

MGK is back with his album Tickets to My Downfall an alternative and Rock switch up for the artist. Bloody Valentine is about taking that step wanting something real with a lover, rather than just a quick fling.

  • MANGO - Kamauu , Adeline

Kamauu and Adeline single MANGO is a love song about moving forward, but still maintaining that bond with one another. Finding something new in someone else, if that someone makes you a better person, how could I not be happy for you. Regardless of the situation, love is love.

  • December 8th - Heartless the Monster, Shilxh

Artists on the rise Heartless the Monster and Shilxh drop December 8th. A roller coaster of emotions, depicting two people growing closer with one another. The feelings that come with falling in love are hard, the trust issues and the trauma we have builds walls.

  • Tequila Shots - Kid Cudi

Can’t go wrong with some Tequila Shots, Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon III: The Chosen is the album fans have been waiting for, for the last 10 years.This single reflects on Cudi’s excitement for the future, past struggles and ongoing internal wars. It was created while celebrating Cudi’s first #1 hit “The Sotts”.

Some of these artists I know personally, which makes some of the choices for me more meaningful than others. Hope you enjoy the playlist and continue to read on!

And here are some songs that got Nasli through this year...

2020 has been a rough and unexpected difficult year for everyone and especially in the music industry with tour cancellations and albums being postponed.

However, some artists still managed to come through and give us some amazing songs.

I’m very proud of Borderless Melodies, even if I just joined the team, it's proof that music has no language and that no matter where we are from, music brings us together.

Thank you so much for reading our articles, we have got so much in store for you guys, I truly hope and pray that 2021 will be a better year for all of us, we deserve it!

It’s difficult to select only 10 songs but it was a good exercise to remember what songs actually came out this year.

This year felt so long but passed by so quick if that makes any sense.

Sabrina Claudio - Warm December

This song really is a must-have on your playlist this winter, we also have an article about this album.

Life Goes On - BTS

They clearly are showing you with this song that life goes on no matter what happens and this song has been on repeat since it came out.

Lovesick Girls - BlackPink

I love this song because just because you have experienced a heartbreak doesn't mean that you gave up on finding love. That’s the vibe of the song and it’s very empowering !

POV - Ariana Grande

This song is about how Ariana wishes she could see herself from people's perspective in order to understand why they love her so much.

Her whole album is amazing but this one is a gem.

Diamonds - Sam Smith

The beat and the lyrics are so powerful, this song is just amazing and you need to add it to your playlist, it makes me want to dance every time.

Born Tired - Jhene Aiko

This song describes the mood I was in 2020 and really motivates me to keep going hard, everyone can clearly relate to this song, if you ever feel too exhausted, this is the song you need to play.

Midnight Sky - Miley Cyrus

This is the song that boosts me and puts me in a great mood, this style suits Miley so well put this in your headphones and you will escape right away.

Party with the Jagaban - Midas the Jagaban

You’ve probably heard this one all over TikTok, this one's a banger and will make you dance for sure, it reminds me of summer !

Dans La Hess - Lous and the Yazuka

La Hess, is a slang french word that means “the lack of money”, this song is definitely a vibe, if you want an introduction, you can find an article about her on our website.

XS - Rina Sawayama

“XS” is a song that mocks capitalism, the song is amazing and very original, it will remind you of the 90s vibes and Britney Spears, it has a deep meaning Rina is very underrated.

Check out "Born TIred" below!

The BMEL team is wishing you a very happy year ahead.

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