Booker T Stars in Bad Bunny's Newest Music Video

Photo Credit to pitchfork Article by Stephanie Escobar

With the release of his album “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo,” in late 2020, it easily became one of the most successful albums of that year. It was the first all-Spanish language album to reach #1 in the 64-year history of the Billboard 200 chart. He made sure to keep up the momentum and released one music video after another as the year ended.

As 2021 rolled in, Bad Bunny decided to begin the year with a punch and release an iconic music video for “Booker T”. The song off of his recent album is named after professional wrestler Booker T. The professional wrestler has been described as “one of the best wrestlers alive.” He has won 35 championships between three wrestling organizations. He held 21 titles in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and a record of six championships. That’s only to name a few.

We can see that Booker T embodies success and is the face of what a champion looks like. Bad Bunny uses this song to reflect on his career, and how he’s at his peak. The iconic line that he sings “Soy un rey, campeón, Booker T,” which translates to “I am a king, a champion, Booker T.” Overall, this song screams as an anthem for success and that there is credibility behind all that success.

The music video continues Bad Bunny’s “Ultimo Tour del Mundo” as the iconic trailer truck speeds on the highway. It cuts off to close up shots of the man himself; Booker T. Bad Bunny raps around the fierce-looking and motionless Booker T who is taking center stage. Bad Bunny is seen sporting his merch with black military-style attire dancing and moving about.

Some puppets pop in, even a Bad Bunny puppet holding a Grammy award through the bridge of the song, which I thought was a nice touch from all the toughness in the video. He replaces Booker T, to be in the center shot momentarily and the two dance as the song finishes out.

The video ends on a high note, as Booker T delivers his famous catchphrase, saying “Can you dig it, sucka!”

This is probably my favorite video that Bad Bunny has put out and was exciting to see Booker T make an appearance. Definitely curious to see what else the rapper has up his sleeve for his next music video release.

Listen to “El Ultimo Tour del Mundo” here!

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