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When the new Netflix TV show Emily in Paris was released a few weeks ago, it was a fever. Some people were determined to pack everything up and move to Paris, wishing they could fall in love on every corner as eating croissants. [But for me, well…] While watching the show, I could only focus on one thing: the soundtrack.

Although the show was based in Paris, the musical theme didn’t transport me there. I still got that taste of France, though. So I started a little research to explore new artists and rhythms to help me change that notorious thought that French music is either Carla Bruni or Edith Piaf. Now I’m here to share my favorites of the moment - those that made me feel like moving to Paris or, at least, improving my French.

Angele - Balance ton Quoi

Even though Angele was born in Belgium, she is well known in France, especially after her 2018 single Balance ton Quoi, a powerful feminist song hitting #1 on Billboard charts for 26 weeks. The song is a reference to a campaign in France called balance tou porc, which happened after a ‘top tweet’ about sexual assaults. Angele’s song could be translated to “Denounce your what” to sound less strong, and it’s really encouraging for women other than being a catchy pop song. Besides, the video clip is almost a lesson about anti-sexism for those who still need one.

Hatik- Angela

Hatik has been in the music scene since 2018, but Angela, released last January, was his biggest single so far. He keeps growing as an artist, especially after getting a leading role at the popular French TV show Validé - the series follows the story of young rappers chasing fame.

Angela is a melodious charming song with a hint of rap after the chorus. I’ve heard a lot of European songs mixing those styles before, strongly influenced by the Latin-American genre reggaeton.

Frero Delavega - Le Chant des Sirenes

Frero Delavega is a duet formed by Jeremy Frerat and Florian Delavega. They participated in the third edition of the reality The Voice France, drawing on their popularity after the show and getting their debut album premiered at number one in France.

Le Chant des Sirenes is an invigorating folk-pop song, yet with nostalgic and a bit melancholic lyrics. Their live presentations are delightful - those kinds of songs you can keep on repeat for hours.

If you have any suggestion about French songs we should be listening to, share with everybody on our Instagram @borderlessmelodies!

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