Bri Feel Returns: ‘Hate To See It’

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Article by Megan Vineberg

After a very long (and short) year, Bri Feel has returned to us at Borderless Melodies with her latest, ‘Hate To See It.’ When I tell you that, I could not contain my excitement, I mean it. The song dropped New Year’s Day, just in time to breathe new life amongst the scene.

You know Bri Feel from our ‘Get Into The Groove’ playlist, but have you heard this new track? With three minutes run time, it’s on the longer side but leaves just enough to the imagination.

A few lines really stood out to me as being relatable, from over-drafting in her bank account to making sure her son is taken care of—real-life struggles people experience. I think part of why I like Bri so much is that she writes from a perspective of being real, and not trying to kaleidoscope herself into impressing other people on Instagram, or in real life.

Never compromise my energy to co-exist / Like the rest I could never be / In my own lane, doing my own thang / and they hate to see it

A sneak preview of ‘Hate To See It’ was shared on Instagram January 3 to announce the official release of the song.

Bri Feel writes smooth and soulful R&B tracks, without regard for being like the influencers of today’s world. Faithful and true to herself, Bri Feel is a rare talent. More than that she is skilled in her craft, and has a solid head on her shoulders managing to amass over 3000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Grounded with a sense of purpose, I’d be thrilled to see where Bri takes her sound although I will say I was getting a Drake Aaliyah vibe from this latest release? I don’t know—you tell me. What did you think of the track?

Let us leave 2020 in the past and start fresh in breathing in this new January air.

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