Brooklyn Forbes: Under Wraps

Photo Credit to Brooklyn Forbes Article by Cee Janai

We may have a new favorite here at Borderless Melodies, and her name is Brooklyn Forbes. Hailing from Ohio and currently based in North Carolina in the comfort of her bedroom cocoon, Forbes hit our radar when she released her newest single, Under Wraps on January 13, 2021.

"The chorus and melody popped into my head one day while I was folding my laundry," said Forbes.

"It happened strangely because I wasn't intending to write it, it just sort of came across me. I used that initial inspiration to outsource details of experiences that could've contributed to me feeling that way, even if it came up subconsciously. "

Forbes herself combines many different elements from genres we have come to love, which has created a dreamy indie pop sound that you can't mistake. With Under Wraps, the track begins with Forbes singing a low tune that quickly transitions into the main melody of the song. You can hear the layers of cello, guitar, bass, and vocals that Forbes cleverly arranged and recorded herself.

"I spent several months playing it over and over on guitar, sometimes in moments where I just wasn't sure what to do," says Forbes.

"This song has helped me a lot and I hope others can find a piece of themselves in it, in their own unique way."

Check out the single on Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeart Radio, and be sure to follow her Instagram @booknotbrooke to stay up to date on her upcoming projects!

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