BTS To Inspire Hope with "Be"

Article by Megan Vineberg, Emma Saletta, and Nasli M


Rising K-pop duo BTS is set to release their next highly anticipated record Be through BigHit Entertainment and Columbia Records. It is meant to inspire hope in their fans as we navigate through these times. I was just having a conversation regarding this year, and how it’s been rough on all of us but we are pushing through. Be is the group’s fifth Korean language album, and brings with it a sense of comfort we all need. A teaser for the deluxe edition can already be found on KOREA NOW’s Youtube channel. A music video for “Life Goes On” was also shared via their Youtube channel, BANGTANTV.

According to an article published by Billboard Magazine earlier this month, BTS revealed that the deluxe album tracklisting would be sure to include smash hits like Dynamite, Blue and Grey, and Fly To My Room, and of course, Life Goes On. The group is set to make an appearance at the American Music Awards premiering this weekend, which we will be covering in our next podcast episode.

Even though we’re not fluent in Korean this chart-topping album has truly touched our hearts. It captures the most sincere emotions and thoughts the members are feeling right now.


Before the release of Be, BTS had already been improving their chart status musically. After the BTS Army grew on social media, so did their popularity in the United States. By 2018, BTS had already released multiple albums, with their sixth overall album reaching number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, becoming the first Korean album to top the chart. Two years later, their first album of 2020 Map of the Soul: 7 premiered at number one of most album charts in countries such as Canada, Japan, and the United States. After the promotion for their next album began soon after the postponement of their Map of the Soul world tour, fans from all over the world were excited.

After “Dynamite” was released last summer, it became a game-changer for BTS. Not only was it their first all-English song, but it also became their first hit to debut and top the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, another milestone for a K-Pop group. The closer the release of Be got, the higher the expectations fans had for the group. Though it is likely that BTS’s album will top multiple charts again, this album is not like any other released by the group. Putting their hearts and souls into an album made during a pandemic, BTS thought more carefully on the song creation, album meaning, and the album's purpose.


The name of the album is "BE" and it is a word that has an open meaning and fits this album well. " - RM, Leader of BTS at The BE Album Release Conference

The group members actively took part in the making of the album, particularly in the music video "Life Goes On,” filmed by BTS member Jungkook.

There is something different and special about each song, and every member brings something unique and special to the table!


The order of the tracklist was so well thought out.

We feel like we're on a roller coaster, we go from the emotional phase to the one where we want to get up and dance!

They never miss an opportunity to produce an album that can connect with the feelings and thoughts of most people at some point in their lives.

Everyone has had a tough year and they came up with what we all wanted to hear, it's like they can feel and hear our problems.

If you still have doubts about BTS, I think this is the album you should listen to!

You won't regret it!

• • • • •

Of course, we’ve included a full playthrough of the BTS “Be” track listing.

Listen here:

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