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From Corpus Christi to LA, Iann Dior has proven that even if you come from a small town, anyone can make it. That the next big artist can be sitting right next to you. In a recent radio interview with the artist, we talked about his success with “Mood”, New single “ Holding On” and upcoming albums and projects.

One thing I got to ask before we dive into everything is, do you miss Whataburger?

Man, I don’t even wanna talk about it. I miss leaving my house at 3 am to go and get a “Bob” (Breakfast on a Bun). I miss the “Patty Melts”, they don’t even have Sonic out here. Yea bro, It’s not good.

I have to give a big Congratulations on your #1 Hit “Mood” with 24k Goldn, so how does it feel to have a number one hit?

Umm honestly, it feels like another day. The only thing it made me realize was that I could get 10 more if I wanted. So you know I'm just gonna be cooped up, keeping my head down and keep working.

Congrats on your most recent single by the way “Holding On” almost 5 million views on youtube and I’m hearing rumors that you're going to be doing a movie based off of it?

So umm the whole new album is going to be shot in movie format, I would say what it resembles the most is something like “Black Mirror” where everything feels the same, but it’s different episodes. So on the album, you're going to have that same feel when you're watching the videos.

So you’ve been in this game for about 2 years now, from songs like “Emotions” to “Holding On”. How do you feel like your music has progressed?

I think as time just goes on my music is just going to keep evolving. You know, now I'm venturing off into new genres that I’m creating. You know, like genres that I haven’t even tried yet. There’s gonna be Latin songs coming soon, I’m working on this genre like Funk-Rap that brings back the dance hall, you know Prince vibes. I have this Hip-Hop shit I’ve been doing, that came out and you know I got some more Rock songs coming with Travis Barker.

Any more collaborations in the future or for your New upcoming album?

Yea, there will be some collabs with people that I haven’t worked with before. So my fans can be excited for that. I’m working on another album as well, that's going to be “Nothing's Ever Good Enough 2” so that’s the first project that I put out when I moved to LA. We’re gonna remake it, you know part two with Nick again. My fans are gonna be really excited about it.

So you have a number one hit, new single, new album coming out. What else can we expect from Iann Dior this year?

So I have another new single coming out in about a week or two, followed up with another new single probably a week or two after that and then hopefully in March we get the album out for the fans and start off the year right. Hopefully, you know me when they get the doors back open we can start touring again.

How’s the LA lifestyle treating you compared to Texas?

You know I had my fair share of parties before Corona happened, coming from Corpus to LA is a big transition you know. I kinda got thrown into this so I had to get used to it quick and go hard every second. You know, the main reason why I’m doing this is to just let people know that even though you're coming from Corpus or a tiny town, you could do this. You know what I mean, go as far as you let yourself go. That’s really all it is; manifestation is a key thing.

Glad everything is going good. Are you good though? Mentally? Physically? Everything alright?

Yeah bro, I mean I think this is the peak of my success. You know I’m mentally the best as possible right now, before it was a lot of getting used to what was going on. But it’s time to go crazy, I just feel like I have a lot to prove so this year I’m gonna make sure we have two number 1’s.

You said you were going to start directing some music videos?

Yeah, so “Holding On” was directed by me and the rest of videos that are coming for the album are also gonna be directed by me. And then when the album comes out, there’s going to be a two video short films also directed by me. It’s gonna be a music video that plays through both songs. So that will be something nice to come out with the album.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your new upcoming album that you want to give out that fans don’t already know about?

With this album it’s more Pop/Funk, it’s more a mixture of all the genres and with “Nothings Ever Good Enough 2” of course is gonna be with me Nick remaking that first project that we made and I know my fans are gonna love that because it’s been something they've been waiting for. Yeah, that's all I can say right now.

I’m excited for what you're about to bring to the table this year.

Yo, I’m excited to show you guys what I've been working on. I mean 361 for life, you know? I’m gonna keep putting on for my city.

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