Charlotte Cardin is Back with "Passive Aggressive"

Photo Credit to Charlotte Cardin Article by Stephanie Escobar

Charlotte Cardin is back with new music and the spotlight is on her. Following the release of “Drive” and “Fous n’importe ou” in 2019, finally comes her new single “Passive Aggressive”. Cardin revealed that this is the first single off her anticipated debut album, which is hopefully set to release by the end of 2020 or early 2021. This single is accompanied by a music video that Cardin herself co-directed with Jason Brando, founder of Cult Nation.

“Passive Aggressive” is the celebration of a breakup, knowing your worth and what you deserve. Leaving the toxic, and passive-aggressive ex in the past and moving on. Probably one of my favorite lyrics of this song is “It took a week or two getting over you / But I love myself too much / To waste good years on bad love”. I’d always admired Cardin’s writing as she’s always able to embody an emotion so well and use her amazing vocals to make beautiful melodies to capture it all together.

"Basically [it’s] a song about the relief, celebration, and liberation you feel once you get rid of a toxic relationship. It's about a very passive-aggressive ex and just those toxic vibes. It's being happy to be on your own and embrace your inner strength." Cardin on the meaning of “Passive Aggressive”

In connection with the song, the music video also captures the meaning of “Passive Aggressive”. We see Charlotte Cardin in a bright red oversized blazer in an all-white studio making her the center of attention. The video captures Cardin being carefree, sultry and having full control of herself. As she sings “Hallelujah, baby / We’re no longer together” you can visually see Cardin take a sigh of relief. As the bass intensifies in the song, Cardin begins to drum on the bass drum where a male body seems to be connected to. The all-white ground in the scene becomes bloody red, and the video ends with a breathless Charlotte Cardin catching her breath after this intense exchange on the drums.

This fresh new single has set the bar high for what to expect on her debut album and makes it more anticipating to hear. This is one of her first songs where she didn’t write on her own as shes use to being in isolated places in her home when writing. Cardin exploring new ways in writing and open-mindedness towards artistic contributions has opened a gateway of endless possibilities for her music.

Check out her new single “Passive Aggressive” on all streaming platforms.

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