Charlotte Cardin's New Single "Daddy"

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Charlotte Cardin, Canada’s hometown girl has given us another romance banger leaving us all in our feels during this winter. This release comes ahead of her anticipated debut album. There are several rumors of when exactly we’ll get this album, some saying this winter and others saying later this year. Regardless, I think it’s pretty safe to say that she’ll deliver soon,

Her latest single “Daddy” follows her first single she unveiled last September, “Passive Aggressive”. Both songs clearly flow through the same vine but offer a different story along with their sound. “Passive Aggressive” gave us a heavy pop and R&B sound, but her latest single “Daddy” is proof of Cardin’s musical exploration.

“Daddy” continues within the realm of pop but captures elements of soulful rock. It has the right amount of raspiness and groove making it another effortless sound for Cardin. The vocals, specifically Cardin’s have always attracted me more towards her sound. It’s very lush, and smooth making harmonies flow effortlessly well with the melody. Also, the mere fact her coolness oozes through every song she’s made.

“Passive Aggressive” gave us the message of finding beauty in being single and getting rid of a toxic ex. Cardin continues to expand on the world of her upcoming album by expanding on this story. “Daddy is a song about knowingly making a bad decision and loving it,” mused the Montreal artist on Elle.

Source: Charlotte Cardin

She sings “We tangled/ Tangled in the middle of a triangle/ I can never, ever, ever let you go/ I’m dancin’ with my sex symbol.” It’s the epitome of love triangles. Cardin shared on Elle “It’s about kissing your crush right by the open bar, meanwhile your crush’s other crush, standing by the shrimp buffet, sees it all. Your crush can’t choose between their two crushes, so you jump right in and choose for them.” Talk about a complicated love story.

The music video for “Daddy” stars Cardin at the L’Amour cinema. She watches a romance film all while enjoying some popcorn. Throughout, she sings all through the cinema fantasizing about her crush. A mesmerizing video directed by Martin C. Pariseau.

As we get another glimpse into the universe of her upcoming debut album, it pretty clear we’ll get a wide arrange of musical exploration to enjoy and get deep within our feels. So, let us continue to wait and groove on to “Daddy”.

Listen to “Daddy” here.

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