Chloe Flower and the Birth of a Genre: Popsical

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Chloe Flower is one of the most innovative artists to rise in our generation. An internationally-acclaimed American pianist, composer, producer, fashion influence, and activist. She can do it all folks. You might have heard or seen Chloe Flower before at the Grammy’s. One of the most iconic performances at the 61st Grammy Awards opened up with Flower flowing and scaling through a disco-ball piano, and building a dreamy tension to land on just two notes; E natural and E flat. The camera focused on Flower being a badass pianist as she plays the intro to “Money” by Cardi B. This performance was a turning point for Flower’s career for sure, but she always had the drive of wanting to change the game in the music industry.

Classical music can often be overwhelming for many and a genre of music that sometimes many don’t appreciate, therefore not listen to it altogether. For myself, classical music was something I started to appreciate and understand by starting to get classically trained on the piano in my teens. There is a beauty to how composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and many others wrote the music and quite were just geniuses in composing. I truly fell in love with classical music once I had joined a choir in my undergrad days and we sang Mozart’s, “Requiem in D minor”. That choral work sold classical repertoire to me.

Yet, as someone who started to get classically trained on the piano, I always found myself wanting to learn my favorite pop, alternative songs at the time, and stray away from learning a Sonata. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a foundation being classically trained, but the curious nature of wanting to experiment is always there. Chloe Flower followed her curious nature of experimenting and revolutionized the way pianists can learn and hone their craft in a different style.

Classical can be so overwhelming; I wanted them to rethink classical—to make it edgier, cooler,” she laughs. “But part of the reason people can’t digest instrumental music is because they can’t understand it...but if Beethoven or Mozart was alive right now, I think they’d 100 percent be experimenting with production or drums.Chloe Flower for Coveteur

The Birth of a Genre

Chloe Flower was on the search to create her own style to change the way people view classical music and ultimately create a greater appreciation for it. Create a classical genre that has evolved with the times and can allow others to branch their talents from there.

Flower worked with Babyface, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who has produced 26 number-one R&B hits, and has won 11 Grammy Awards. Together they decided that Flower was not to be limited to the traditional constraints that come with Classical music. Rather they wanted to make it a genre that everyone could enjoy by coloring it with a pop formula. She worked within the producer’s label imprint SODAPOP/Island Def Jam and soon worked with Swae Lee, Céline Dion, and Mike Will Made-It. As she worked with a variety of artists, Flower took, pop and classical, and created a genre on her own: Popsical.

The aim is to inspire other people who may not have the technique to become a classical soloist, there needs to be a genre for them too,” Flower reveals. “You don’t need to go to a conservatory to experiment. You don’t have to be Aretha Franklin to have a career as a vocalist, and that should be the same for instrumentalists.Chloe Flower for Coveteur

Flower in 2019 released “No Limit”, a piano cover of the viral hit “Old Town Road” as well as her chart-topping single debut, “Get What U Get”. This is followed by her recent release of her single “Flower Through Concrete”, an instrumental ballad recorded during the quarantine. She wanted to create this song to envoke empathy and hope, ultimately a love letter to her fans. In her words “be the flower that pushes through what seems impossible; there is hope and light waiting."

Flower continues to break the glass ceiling as she navigates an industry dominated by male pianists. She uses her love for fashion to communicate and tell a story. Often branded as “millennial Liberace” for approaching the piano in couture as she plays in lavish gowns and pawing the piano pedals in stilettos. A true homage to American pianist Liberace who wasn’t afraid to be over the top and push the boundaries in self-expression.

Flower is the light in the music industry leading us to greatness with her dancing fingers. Apart from her incredible skills on the piano, she’s been a leader serving as a panelist on the United Nations in the fighting against sexual exploitation and trafficking. She’s an advocate for children learning an instrument and as we see creating a genre accessible for everyone and to inspire. In an interview with Coveteur Flower states “I can’t wait for classical music to cross over to pop or film, I don’t ever want to get lazy. Ultimately I just want my music to be on the pop charts.” In hopes of doing just that, Flower continues to work on her debut album, still untitled.

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