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Dua Lipa gave us her sophomore album “Future Nostalgia” in March, right when we all started our quarantines at home. Future Nostalgia reached being in Top 5 Billboard 200 Debut the first week of its release and has become one of the most critically acclaimed pop albums of 2020. It shows that Dua Lipa is a pop queen in the industry. “Club Future Nostalgia” (Dj Mix) by Dua Lipa and The Blessed Madonna features a number of great names in the music industry, and comes during a time where we can’t go clubbing, but Lipa has made it fun to do it at home.

Dua Lipa had teased on her social media that she would be releasing music throughout this summer. Late July, Lipa announced that she would be releasing “Levitating” the remix by The Blessed Madonna featuring Madonna and Missy Elliott on August 14th. I was definitely hyped to listen to this remix as the iconic Missy Elliott and Madonna were contributing their magic. Yet, I’m always skeptical of remixes due to the fact that sometimes they stray too far away from their original masterpiece. Upon hearing the remix for the first time I had a love-hate relationship with it. The sound and beat of the song were definitely great and had a more disco club sound. With two iconic features in this song, I somehow felt that Missy Elliott stood out far more with her verse than Madonna. Madonna did add great vocals to the song, but when that Missy Elliott verse started, it added something spectacular. Nonetheless, the song was a bop.

Club Future Nostalgia starts off with a welcome from Dua Lipa herself. A staticky “Hey, this is Dua Lipa and you’re listening to Club Future Nostalgia by The Black Madonna”, which soon transforms into the first track “Future Nostalgia” the Joe Goddard mix. Now if you close your eyes during this you’ll definitely feel like you're out at a club around midnight dancing all your worries away with a cocktail in your hand. This album is meant to be listened to from beginning to end as each song transitions seamlessly to one another, it keeps you moving without losing a beat. The YouTube official visualizer for Club Future Nostalgia adds another level of entertainment with stunning colorful visuals that are quirky, sexy, and mind teasers. It adds something fun and I mean it’s a plus if you’re having a clubbing night at home by yourself.

Now going into some of my favorite tracks of this remix album, I have to start with “Good in Bed” and “Pretty Please”. These songs are already by far my favorites from the original album. The remixes beautifully accentuate everything that is already great with those songs. The end of “Good in Bed” (Zack Witness & Gen Hoshino Remixes) has such a cool transition into “Pretty Please” (Midland Remix). It reminded me a lot of a reggaeton beat, which I grew up loving and listening to. “Boy Will Be Boys” (Zack Witness Remix) is another one of my favorites, in which the beginning really stood out. It is a women’s celebration and anthem. The drum beats make you feel like you’re on top of the world. “Don’t Start Now” (Yaeji Remix) was one I was excited to hear because Yaeji is so talented, and to see what she would create was exciting. She delivered with her unique sound into this remix making it truly her own.

Visual from Club Future Nostalgia YouTube Official Visualizer

This album ironically brings a lot of nostalgia as it samples iconic beats and songs. “Pretty Please” (Masters At Work Remix) samples the iconic beat of “Its Time” by Green Velvet, a classic that is known to many and gets you moving instantly. “Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl” (Dimitri From Paris Edit) samples “Cosmic Girl” by Jamiroquai that instantly gives it that 90’s vibe. “Hallucinate” (Mr. Fingers Deep Stripped Mix) features Gwen Stefani’sHollaback Girl” and my 12-year-old self came alive. This song was my jam, to say the least. Gwen Stefani is also featured in “Physical” (the Mark Ronson Remix). I also loved the “Kiss and Makeup” remix; one of Lipa’s most popular collaborations with K-Pop group Blackpink.

The album also included two new tracks not featured in “Future Nostalgia”. “Love is Religion” (The Blessed Madonna Remix) is an homage to love is love. Another new track is “That Kind of Woman” (Jacques Lu Cont Remix), with a disco vibe and one of the slower tracks from this remix album that makes you sway side to side.

Visuals from Club Future Nostalgia YouTube Official Visualizer

The album ends with “Break My Heart” (Moodyman Remix) being its longest track at 6 minutes and 11 seconds. The visuals themselves offer very calm scenery of an animated Dua Lipa just chilling by a billboard as she listens to music. An end to bring your racing heart down from all the dancing you’ve already been doing. Just as Lipa welcomes you into the club at the beginning, she also wishes you goodbye at the end. “Until next time, this is Dua Lipa, and thanks for tuning in. You’ve been listening in to Club Future Nostalgia. Mwah”. This remix album brings you into a whole new world visually with the collaboration of many artists giving each song a different life of its own.

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