Crystal Tides Make Waves With New Single Headcase

Article by Jay Vibez

Turn up the volume! Because The Crystal Tides are back and making waves with their brand new single “Headcase”. Following their latest release “Courtney Love”, this new indie pop banger is definitely one for the playlist. Their high energy vocals blend perfectly with the guitar melodies and drum beats, that creates a whole new sound. Each new release is better than the last, it's no surprise that fans are quickly popping up everywhere. Not only has Crystal Tides proved that they can make a hit, but the band continues to show off how impressive and talented they can be.

Crystal Tides are an Indie Alternative Pop band based on the South Coast of England who take influence from classic guitar riffs and modern feel-good pop melodies. The band are joined by Billy Gregory’s euphoric singing work, Harry Knowles’ big-room guitar hooks, George Regan’s foundation-laying bass tones and Joe Knights’ masterful drumming style.

“ Why you gotta go and get stuck in my head like that?

Why you gotta say those Words keep me running right back? Cause one night you'll call me asking for more

I take the bait cause this time I'm sure

Why you gotta go and get stuck in my head like that? ”

Headcase is about being led on by a person who is obviously using you which causes you to go a little bit insane. The emotions you deal with alongside the mental battle inside your own head because you can't figure out why you can't stop thinking about that one person despite the fact they’re just playing with your head. You know it's wrong but you think somehow you can make it work.” - Crystal Tides

The song’s colorful and vibrant lyrics are about that toxic someone you can’t seem to shake out of your head. The back and forth tug war relationship of wanting to be with someone and already knowing the outcome, but still expecting something different in the end. Simple words like “I miss you” or “ I love you” end up being used as bait to keep someone you want lingering around, creating an endless cycle of love and heartbreak. Crystal Tides are barely beginning their journey and I'm super excited to see what the future has in store for them. ‘​Headcase​’​ is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP ​‘​Eat Your Words​’​ set to release May 28th.

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