Curtis Waters: Viral hit “Stunnin”and His Upcoming Album“Pity Party”

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From TikTok to Radio play, North Carolina artist Curtis Waters and his massive hit “Stunnin’” are quickly reaching the ears of fans everywhere. If you haven’t tried learning the dance to the song already, trust me it’s only a matter of time. The song itself is such a vibe, that the disco beat alone is enough to get your head nodding and with creative references like Sonic the Hedgehog, to McLovin the Mac Daddy of Superbad, there’s no doubt in mind that this song wouldn’t be a hit.

What is “Stunnin” and what is it all about?

I’m gonna be completely honest, it's a dumb song that I made just for fun, I wasn’t inspired by anything. I was just having a bad day, so I just wanted to say some ignorant and cocky stuff and feel good about myself and make myself laugh. It’s really crazy cause everything else before was just for me and my friends and stuff, then “Stunnin” came out and now everybody is listening, so I don’t know it’s really bizarre.

Did you expect “Stunnin” to be as big as it is?

I knew it was going to blow up because, you know, I teased it on Instagram and a lot of random kids I went to school with hit me up and said “dude this song is special, you got to promote this," blah, blah, blah, right? So I thought I would have to promote and it would do pretty good, you know, I thought it would hit like a million plays eventually, you know, and that was a big goal for me. I was like "woah a million plays, if get that, that would be awesome" and now we are hitting over a million a day everyday and it’s just going crazy. I can’t really even fathom that because it's so past my expectations. I’m just going along with the ride, you know?

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So you linked up with Harm Franklin for “Stunnin” and “Hot Boy Anthem” How long have you two known each other?

Oh man, it’s been like 5 years. Since I was 15 years old... I used to produce for him, I didn’t do vocals yet right, so when I lived in Canada we would be in the same scene and stuff and I would produce for him and then we would just be like almost brothers for so many years, that whenever I had a song and it wasn’t finished or I didn’t know what to do with it, I would send it to him and you know he would finish it up, so it’s a pretty easy process. We didn’t go to the same studio for this one, because he's in Canada and I’m here, you know, I haven’t see him in a while.

So what initially got you into music in the first place?

So, when I was like 14 years old and my girlfriend at the time cheated on me. I had like this revenge idea. I was like "man. I’m gonna make music and my songs are gonna get famous you know and look what happened. I guess the revenge is over.

Do you have any hobbies or anything like that or is it just work 24/7?

It doesn’t feel like work to me, like I’m always on my laptop making music or drawing or painting or something. Lately I’ve been into nature, like swimming in the rivers and stuff, I’ve been hiking and jamming with friends, you know, just anything creative. I got some clay and PlayDoh, been messing with that, you know, anything random. I’m just a fan of creating, no matter what the medium is.

So you got an upcoming project called “Pity Party”, tell us a little bit about that?

Yeah! “Pity Party” is my album that I wrote. When I was in college just last year, I got diagnosed with Bipolar and I actually had to drop out of college and so that was the album I wrote when I got home. It was just about all my anxiety, my fears and stuff, being an immigrant, being ashamed, my career and future stuff, all this stuff you know what I mean? It sounds sad but it’s a good and fun album too, there’s a lot of bangers in there. It’s like a movie right, there’s climax points, down points. It’s really cool and means a lot to me, I produced most of it by myself. I mixed and mastered it in my room, I did the art work so everything is very personal to me. I’m excited for people to hear it because it think it will give fans a better, accurate aspect of me. Stunnin is cool, I love Stunnin, but that’s just one side of me.

If you could give some advice to a fan or artist on the rise what would you tell them?

Everybody has their own path you know, like you may see that you're failing or messing up or whatever, but you don’t know when your time will come. If you love what you do, just try to be strategic about how you can promote or figure it out. Just because someone tells you, you have to go to college or do this or that doesn’t mean you have to, you know what I mean? I’m glad that I stuck with my intuition and I’m glad I was like ignorant enough almost to be like no I’m not gonna listen to anybody. This is my life I’m gonna figure it out, I’m so happy I did that, you know what I mean? I think kids this days just kinda go with the flow of things because they are scared to be the only person standing out. As corny as it sounds, just believe in yourself. You can figure it out, you know what I mean? Like I know just as must as you know, I’m not any different. You can do it too.

We are all human and most of us have access to the same stuff. The internet is a big help, but to get further with your success, you need to put the work in and actually get something done. It’s all about doing it and taking that first step. Go jam to “Stunnin” out now, don’t forget to follow Curtis Waters on social media and be on the look out for “Pity Party" dropping in October.

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