Daddy Yankee Returns With New Single "Problema"

Article by Stephanie Escobar

Reggeaton legend, Daddy Yankee, has returned to ‘revive” the genre of reggaeton with his new single “Problema”. Since the mid-’90s, Daddy Yankee has played a pivotal role in the genre of reggaeton and created El Cartel Records which distributed Daddy Yankee’s first commercially successful album of “Barrio Fino”. He’s proclaimed himself as the boss, father, or leader of the genre which is not free of controversy, but for many of his fans, it is.

"They say that reggaeton is dead. I can't find the logic. But if so, I'll revive it tonight," he said in the announcement of the launch of Problema.

Now, who is saying reggaeton is dead? Well, in a recent statement from El Chombo, a Panamanian musician, and producer. He set the internet on fire when he went on Molusco’s popular podcast and claimed that reggaeton is dead. Ultimately throwing a jab at Puerto Rican reggaeton artists and saying that they had a role in the ‘demise’ of the OG reggaeton. He said, “And when pop artist said, ‘Honestly, now that we’re sitting in this car, we can’t call ourselves ‘reggaetoneros.’ And the industry told them, “Tranquilo, Bobby, tranquilo. We’re now gonna be called ‘pop urbano’ and all of you are ‘urbano artist.’ Reggaeton sits in the back.”

All of this is has been an ongoing debate and I’m sure it will be as the genre becomes more well known. The fact that many ‘reggaetoners” have had collaborations with pop artists has catapulted the genre and increased its popularity. Overall, it’s opened up doors to experiment within the genre which we saw in Bad Bunny’s newest hit album “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo.” Experimentation shouldn’t be something that is looked down on, and in my eyes, it doesn’t mean OG reggaeton is dead or ever will be.

“Problema” comes as a proposal for all of us that are nostalgic for the reggeaton we grew up with and carries the purest old-school style of reggaeton. It has an addicting rhythm that will surely make it difficult for you not to start dancing. A thundering drum throughout the song with high-pitched synths in the background.

Daddy Yankee’s newest single is accompanied by a spectacular visual music video directed by Marlon P. Filled with a marching band, perreo, and with a mix of Jabbawokees. A yellow and black world filled with swift changing camera angles, straight out of a movie.

“Problema” makes sure that there’s no doubt that the genre is alive and thriving.

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