David Guetta crowned World No. 1 DJ at AMF 2020

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French superstar and DJ, David Guetta, is the newly crowned World No. 1 DJ at AMF Presents Top 100 DJs as he delivered a celebratory set, with every track used either produced or remixed by the icon himself. The live stream of the event took placed over the weekend on 7th November and celebrated a night full of great music.

Fans of the annual Dance festival in Amsterdam would usually flock to the massive Johan Cruijff Arena in The Netherlands, to catch the stunning showpiece party each year. Unfortunately, due to the world being stricken by the pandemic this year, the event has turned to the digital space. DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll celebrates the best talent within the electronic music industry annually. The poll, which is ranked based on fan voting, has crowned many of the world’s most iconic DJs over the years.

Armin Van Buuren notably shared previously that ‘AMF is to fall what Tomorrowland is to summer’ Featuring a superstar line up of performances from Avalan, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Avalan, David Guetta, Don Diablo, and Nicky Romero, this year’s AMF has definitely been a unique experience for both fans and DJs alike who had to record their performance for the live stream. The celebratory event saw lots of “party-goers” flock the live stream chats of with fever-pitch levels of excitement as the line up of DJs took their turn to send the audiences into a frenzy with all the rave party tracks.

As with other award shows and festivals that were forced to go online due to the current pandemic, AMF has embraced technology in a way that they have not done before in previous years by putting together this digital stream, making it a truly unique experience to date at the backdrop of some very special venues all around Amsterdam.

Up and coming DJ, Avalan, opened the performance with a premiere of his unreleased track ‘World We Know’. Combining a melodic piano tune in the opener, the track slowly transitioned into a dance-pop chorus along with some sick beat drops where we could only imagine how breathtaking the atmosphere will be like at a live festival. Featuring lyrics like ‘it might feel lonely to be sitting at home, at least we are on our way to the world we know’, Avalan surely brings out the recipe for a tearjerker with this debut, which he later announced will be released on 13th November.

Moving along the night, Don Diablo scooped the Highest Future House award winner this year and brought along a dazzling performance from Nhow Amsterdam Rai Hotel. Afrojack and Nicky Romero also delivered a spectacular set together, before revealing that they are the revolutionary II=I artists for AMF 2021. Opening with the iconic track, ‘Titanium’, what less can you expect for the duo? A huge wave of energy swept through immediately as their set included all the bangers such as Ten Feet Tall, Calling, and All Night.

Next up is trance king, Armin Van Buuren, who bagged the Highest Trance award as he continued to make his mark in the industry with an incredible set, encouraging audiences to keep positive. “This may be a difficult time, but it also opens doors to crazy gigs like that”, he enthused. The night closed out with none other than the World No. 1 DJ, David Guetta. He cemented his new status by taking control of his performance with a dive into future rave mould. The set saw David Guetta remake many classic underground tracks with a future rave treatment and we have absolutely no doubt that he is one of the best DJs and music producer in the world.

Relive AMF Presents Top 100 DJs Awards 2020 here:

Although AMF turned to a virtual festival this year, the silver lining is that fans and dance community from all corners of the world were able to witness and celebrate the music that they love. AMF 2020 will be remembered as one of the truly memorable award shows that owned the night with its stellar display of digital visuals and unparallel concept of the Two Is One performance.

Ravers of the Night, AMF 2021 will reunite soon to be bigger and better than ever! Stay kind, stay positive, stay lit!

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