Des Rocs Newest Single "Nothing Personal"

Article by Stephanie Escobar

Des Rocs emerges from the darkest nook in New York to share his newest single “Nothing Personal”. This solo act is on a mission to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive and so far he has given it justice. He gives every single note and word in his music a meaning he would die for. His brand features a heavy dramatic and edgy rock ‘n’ roll sound with modern influences.

“Nothing Personal” offers post-punk and art rock sounds, and gives us an insight into his upcoming EP, “This Is Our Life.” Before the release of “Nothing Personal”, he released his first single “This Is Our Life” which revolved about how we are all fighting something. This new EP includes tracks “POS”, “This Is Our Life”, “Nothing Personal”, “Pieces”, and “Suicide Romantics”. All telling a story and insight into Des personal struggles that everyone else might be able to relate to during a ceratin time in their life.

Des Rocs shared with Consequence of Sound that “Nothing Personal’ is the "Music of the night. It’s about people doing bad things and paying the price in this life and the next. It’s a firecracker of a record that I dare you to sit down to while listening.”

With just these two recent singles being released Des Rocs is able to paint vivid scenes through his lyrics and allow to the listener to fully immerse themselves into the world that he is creating through his music. This new EP marks the third release in a trilogy, preceded by the EPs Let the Vultures In (2018) and Martyr Parade (2019).

Des Rocs EP is set to release December 11th and he recently also announced he will be playing at “Aftershock” a festival in Sacramento, California in 2021. The festival features Metallica, My Chemical Romance, and many others.

Check out the video for “This Is Our Life” here, and Pre-Order Des Rocs’ This is Our Life EP here.

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