Distrokid: Latest Features -- What You Need To Know & How Can They Help You

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For those who are independent artists like myself, most (if not all) work is funded and performed by them, or outsourced. Artists who want to release their music to the widest audience possible make use of independent distributors such as DistroKid, CDBaby, Deezer, TuneCore, and more. Philip J. Kaplan founded Distrokid back in 2013 and unsurprisingly, since then it has grown to have more users than anticipated. Kaplan has been hard at work on the newest feature rollouts to come out of the platform, such as, where artists can submit themselves to labels directly. When logging into my account, I notice Kaplan’s got a few new tricks up his sleeve.

The first from the top is the social phone number. You have seen these around, I guarantee it! Social phone numbers are used to connect artists with their fanbase directly via text messages. This way, the artist doesn’t have to give out their personal number and fear privacy issues, but can still connect in a way that is more direct to their specific audience than can be the abyss of social media.

Next up:

Introducing DistroKid Upstream, “the world's first matchmaking service that helps artists & labels find each other,” says Kaplan. This is an awesome way to really streamline the process of increasing audience for an artist. You don’t necessarily need a label per say but you do need marketing--which goes back to budgeting. It’s all about finding out what works for you as an artist. Generally, we like the idea of label signing! We just advise that you know what you’re getting yourself into. A label will have connections that you may not, and can market your work on a larger scale faster, boosting your recognition by the truckload. acts as a social media platform for artists to connect to each other like you would on Instagram or TikTok--only this is over their music.

Mini Videos allow you to have a short visual clip of your song to post over social media, similar to that of the Promo Cards. Both allow for seamless cross-promotion over social media.

We also have Playlist Spotlight where you can be voted by other artists of DistroKid onto Spotify playlists. As an independent artist, this is a key motive for gaining streams and garnering a wider audience via Spotify and other streaming platforms like it.

Of course, when clicking the “More” option, you’ll notice other interesting features but these are a just a few we felt had to be shared. Have you used these new features? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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