Mood Boosting Music to Lift Your Spirits Right Now

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The world is going through a lot right now, and one thing the internet can agree on is that for a lot of us, we are relying on artists to get us through each day. From movies to music, artists are providing an escape for people to take their mind off whatever it may be that is currently bringing them down.

For me, that escape has come in the form of music. Each day I take about an hour or two out of my day to plug in my headphones and go for a long walk- just me and my music. I curate playlists based on my mood of the day and just take time to absorb the lyrics and the feelings fostered from the melodies. The great thing about music is that it can inspire you, make you think, make you feel, and bring forth memories you didn’t know you even had. Below are some of the songs that have been some of my favorite mood boosters in this quarantine:

  1. Golden - Harry Styles

  2. Moving Along - 5 Seconds of Summer

  3. If the World Was Ending - JP Saxe & Julia Michaels

  4. IDK You Yet - Alexander 23

  5. Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder

  6. The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

  7. Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles

  8. Black And White - Niall Horan

  9. July - Noah Cyrus

  10. ocean eyes - Billie Eilish

My favorite memories are typically a result of music in some capacity and I can always rely on it to help make any situation better. That is the power of music- it can transform your mood and your life when you most need it.

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