Doja Cat, The Versatile Queen

Photo Credit to Billboard Article by Nasli M

This weekend she was THE sensation at the Europe Music Awards 2020 (EMAS).

You’ve probably heard and danced to « Say So » at least once this year, the disco, pop and rap track has boosted her career and paved the way for a return of vintage influences in Pop Music.

You know how boring it could be to some artists to sing the same song over and over, but not when you're Doja Cat. She is the living proof that you can do a lot with one single song if you know how to use your creativity.

Doja Cat gave us some memorable performances this year in which she never stopped reinventing herself.

Let’s start with the MTV Video Music Awards, she came through with an amazing sexy pop set with an alien theme and green hair, she took us to another planet.


At the Billboard Music Awards, it was a great Broadway and Charleston-inspired medley performance; she performed "Juicy," "Say So," and "Like That."

The costumes, the set, the stage, the dancers, everything was on point, she gave me burlesque vintage vibes.

We clearly couldn't take our eyes off Miss Doja!

Photo Credit to Justjared

Finally, she surprised the world with a rock/metal version of « Say So » at the 2020 MTV EMAS that reminded me of evanescence.

She started her performance by coming out of a TV screen, her face covered with her black hair, inspired by the Japanese horror movie Ring

Once again, she set the bar very high.

Photo Credit to Billboard

She was incredible and even though I'm not a metal enthusiast, I was glued and totally into the performance. Doja Cat is a PERFORMER and she always comes through with the visuals! I truly love artists who use their creativity and are not afraid to take risks, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Doja Cat.

What was your favorite Doja Performance so far?

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