Erin Kirby Rolls The Dice With New Single “Bad Luck”

Article by Jay Vibez

From talent pageants to American Idol, Atlanta artist Erin Kirby isn’t holding anything back when it comes to her latest single “Bad Luck” ft. JVKE and Zac Lawson. Produced by both Jacob and Zac Lawson, the track is based around toxic relationships and bad timing. This smooth pop track draws you in with its catchy chorus and leaves you coasting on a gentle rhythm.

"Bad Luck" relates to that special someone we know is toxic, but just can’t seem to get enough of. That feeling of wanting something even if we know it’s bad for us. Whether we admit it or not, there are always people in our lives that we tend to hold on too even if there they are bad luck.

"Bad Luck refers to how we tend to cover up our feelings around others. I find that I do this

especially when we are in a bad relationship. I tend to just hold onto things and say "It's my fault"

or "I must be the problem". I think we've all felt this at one point or another- that we must have bad luck, wishing we could find an easy way out.” - Erin Kirby

Erin's vocals are top notch and will lead to plenty more hits and collaborations. Overall the song itself is a nice kick back tune to enjoy on the drive home or something new to add to the playlist when dealing with toxic relationships. Fans are eager for a potential album or EP and are hoping for a music video sometime soon, in the meantime, check out and Stream “Bad Luck” now.

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