Euphoria Brings a Rosalia and Billie Eilish Collab

Photo Credit to Billboard Article by Stephanie Escobar

Two female powerhouses within the music industry have joined forces for their single “Lo Vas a Olvidar”. Rosalia and Billie Eilish teased a possible collaboration in 2019 when the Spanish singer posted a polaroid of the two. There was rapid discussion after about what the two could possibly be working on and precisely what sound would flourish between the two.

Here we are two years later with the release of “Lo Vas a Olvidar”; a trance-like and muted duet produced by Eilish’s brother, FINNEAS. The single itself accompanies a special episode for HBO’s high school drama Euphoria which was released this past weekend. The hazy ambience and the tormented lyrics featured in this song is perfect for a Gen-Z melodrama.

“Lo Vas a Olvidar” is a ballad that departs both singers from their usual energetic singles from the past year. The duo sings through heavy synths, sharing beautiful harmonies back and forth creating a choir-like sound. The cadence of the song reinforces the melancholy lyrics throughout the song adding to the passionate drama.

“Dime que no te arrepientes aún/ Dime si aún queda algo en común/ El tiempo que se pierde no vuelve/ Dame un beso y bájame de la cru',” the duo sing a beautiful plea to a lover asking for reassurance. Eilish made her Spanish-language debut and even shared \ the importance of having kept the song in Spanish.

“I remember when we were writing the song, she [ROSALÍA] said something about like “it should be in English” and I was like “no, no no, it should be in Spanish, it’s so beautiful.” She [ROSALÍA] told me what the lyrics mean and then it meant even more ‘cause I was like, that’s beautiful, and the delivery’s beautiful and the emotion is beautiful, and it was really fun.”- Eilish shared with Zane Lowe

Nonetheless, Rosalia and Billie Eilish’s rich vocals create haunting harmonies creating an angelic vibe taking you to a celestial world. Let this duo transfix you in the video below.

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