excuse me, i love you: A Documentary By Ariana Grande!

Article by Nasli M

Ariana Grande brought her Sweetener World Tour into our rooms through her new documentary, Excuse Me, I Love You, which was released this Monday 21st of December on Netflix all over the world.

Get your snacks ready and dive into the Sweetener World Tour!

The concert film takes fans behind the scenes of Ariana's highly acclaimed London tour last year, when concerts were still a thing, you remember that feeling? #Nostalgia

Ariana Grande goes back and takes a look at a year's journey of touring, throughout 2019, she toured the world from North America to Europe.

But wait, what’s the Sweetener tour?

"Sweetener" is Ariana's 4th album (released on August 17, 2018).

It’s an album both heavy and light, the perfect album to celebrate love and life which was followed by a worldwide tour.

A super mature album that I absolutely recommend you to listen to, after the documentary, if you haven’t already.

Getty / Kevin Mazur

If you're a big Ariana fan, you will love this because it will bring you back so many memories if you have attended the tour and you will definitely be emotional.

From the tour preparations, her relationship with her team and the rehearsals, you will be served!

It's also a good catch up session for the newer fans who will get a glimpse of a tour that they haven't attended and it will give you the "ugh why didn't I go" feeling, it will remind you what you have missed.

Getty / Kevin Mazur

Let's say that it's like a big teaser for her upcoming concerts, which is a great marketing strategy because those who are not familiar with her but are music lovers, will be curious and check out the documentary.

If you're not an Ariana Grande fan and just want to discover what the hype is about without any expectations you won't be disappointed either.

If you want to enjoy good music, have fun and enjoy discovering or rediscovering Ariana's sweetener's era this documentary is for you

If you have no plans this NYE, don’t worry Ariana will be your date!


Let yourself be seduced by the sweetness of Ariana Grande and her Sweetener Tour!

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