G-Eazy's "Everything's Strange Here"

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I took a listen to G-Eazy’s latest project “Everything’s Strange Here” and it was really trippy. The ten song album takes you on what feels like the smoothest soul-defining acid trip one could imagine. It’s raw, stripped down, calming and makes you feel really nostalgic.

Think A$AP Rocky’s “L$D”. Think Post Malone’s “Circles”. Think Jaden & Willow’s “Summertime” or Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead”.

It’s simultaneously a detour from his usual sound and return to the more vulnerable version of lyricism that we used to see a lot in his earlier mixtapes. Two of my favorite projects, “Endless Summer” and “Must Be Nice”, excluded this special level of creativity when it came to sound. He used a lot of samples you wouldn’t expect and rapped on beats that took you on an emotional rollercoaster. He then followed it up with lyrics that, yes, talked about relationships, drugs and relations, but in a way that made you want to text your ex or reminisce on the best night you’ve ever had. There were happy memories, mixed in with bits of pain, longing and uncertainty. We get that version of Young Gerald back.

We’ve grown accustomed to the trash-taking and very confident playboy persona that flows through the mainstream airways. (If that’s the G-Eazy you love, don’t worry he has a track for you too!) The version of him that plays in the club or blasts through the speakers of a pregame. We all love that version! This album just reminds us of the depth that you only get if you listen to the deeper cuts of recent works or older mixtapes.

If you’re in a reflective state, like most of us are during this pandemic, take 35 min to vibe out to this ever-so-nostalgic journey through G-Eazy’s mind.

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