Grammy's 2021 Performers

Photo Credit to GRAMMY Article by Nasli M & Emma Saletta

As every year, after many hours of waiting, we finally got the list of the performers one week before the ceremony.

List of performers:

Anderson Paak


Billie Eilish

Bruno Mars

Taylor Swift

Harry Styles


Cardi B

Doja Cat

Dua Lipa

Megan Thee Stallion

Bad Bunny

Miranda Lambert

Post Malone

Roddy Ricch

Maren Morris

John Mayer

Mickey Guyton

Chris Martin


Lil Baby

Black Pumas

Brandi Carlile

Brittany Howard

The Grammy’s are expected to have FOUR more performers according to their line up.

Not going to lie, after The Weeknd’s snub, I wasn’t that much excited anymore to watch the show but as we say the show must go on, I will still check it out.

Here are the artists Emma and I are the most excited to see on stage!

Nasli's thoughts

#1 - BTS

I have been a BTS fan since 2018 now and i am so proud of their journey.

They always wanted to perform at the Grammy's and their dream is finally coming true, they are the first Korean artists to achieve this achievement!

They have been killing it lately and I'm so happy to see them conquer the world.

They are the living proof of hard work, determination and never giving up !

I can't wait to see what they're going to perform, i know they're going to kill it!

#2 Doja Cat

We have seen miss Doja Cat in various award shows and everyone knows how versatile and creative she is.

I’m looking forward to another amazing performance, i’m sure she prepared an amazing set and awesome outfits !

#3 Megan Thee Stallion

I’m excited to see Megan on that stage as well, it’s amazing to see another female rapper taking over and killing it !

I’m curious and looking forward to seeing what she will perform, she has been everywhere lately and the Grammy’s is another step to her career.

I’m not going to lie, the Grammy’s used to be so much better before with big names and amazing performances, i guess we have to wait until later to see what will happen.

Emma’s Thoughts

Just like Nasli, I too am excited for this year's performers! It ALMOST makes up for The Weeknd’s Grammy snub. One thing that the Recording Academy has made sure to do is have their show include performances from artists of a wide variety of genres. Including the three performers above, these are three artists that I myself am excited to see.

#1 Taylor Swift

I think it’s safe to say that most females who will tune in to this year's show are excited for Taylor Swift to perform. Her breakout into the alternative music genre worked in her favor, earning her six Grammy nominations.

Swift has always put on amazing performances, especially for award shows. Although she’s no stranger to the academy, I’m excited to watch her alternative style hit the Grammy stage, especially since folklore is one of the best albums of 2020.

#2 Miranda Lambert

Although I wasn’t extremely excited, her song with Elle King changed my mind. Lambert is a powerhouse who’s been a strong representation of female musicians everywhere, especially in the country music genre.

With the release of the alternative song “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)”, she and Elle King were able to mix together country and alternative to create a song that females everywhere can relate to.

Now I just wonder, will Lambert be on her own? Will Elle King make an appearance? The suspense is killing me!


When I heard these female rockers were nominated for Best Rock Performance and Album of the Year, I wasn’t shocked. Not to mention the fact that females have played a huge role in changing the rock categories of the Grammy Awards forever.

I first saw these three sisters perform on Saturday Night Live and I thought to myself “why haven’t I listened to more of their music?” Musically, I always tell people that the more unique musicians are, the more unique their songs are, and the more they stand out from the rest. I’m excited to see them show viewers how they stand out from the rest.

What about you, who you are excited to see live on that stage ?

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