Happy First Birthday, Fine Line!

Article by Rikki Red

One year ago today, one of my closest friends and I were walking into The Forum in Inglewood, California to go to Harry's "ONE NIGHT ONLY" event, the day of the release of his second solo album. It was a night full of fun, laughter, singing along so loudly that we started to lose our voices, and making memories that would last a lifetime. Neither us, nor Harry, knew that this would be one of the last live shows that we'd take part in for quite some time.

Looking back, I'm grateful to Harry for releasing an album full of vulnerability and honesty and giving so many of us that night to look back on fondly throughout one of the hardest years of my life. I'm sure he looks back on it fondly too.

Until shows start happening again, I think we'll all continue to carry that night with us. In honour of the year anniversary, I wanted to share each of his songs, and a favourite lyric from each of them.

But first, here's the video he posted from behind the scenes the night of the event:

Track One: Golden

loving you's the antidote... golden

Track Two: Watermelon Sugar

baby, you're the end of june

Track Three: Adore You

you don't have to say you love me... you don't have to say nothing... you don't have to say you're mine

Track Four: Lights Up

can't you see? i could but wouldn't stay

Track Five: Cherry

i can tell that you are at your best... i'm selfish so i'm hating it

Track Six: Falling

you said you cared and you missed me too... and i'm well aware i write too many songs about you

Track Seven: To Be So Lonely

and i'm just an arrogant son of a b*tch who can't admit when he's sorry

Track Eight: She

he takes a boat out... imagines just sailing away... and not telling his mates... he wouldn't know what to say

Track Nine: Sunflower Vol. 6

wondering headshake... tired eyes are the death of me... mouth full of toothpaste before i got to know you

Track Ten: Canyon Moon

she plays songs i've never heard... an old lover's hippie music

Track Eleven: Treat People With Kindness

givin' second chances... i don't need all the answers

Track Twelve: Fine Line

you sunshine, you temptress... my hand's at risk, i fold

Harry hasn't been shy at giving us the serotonin doses we've needed this year. If you haven't had enough yet, here are a few more moments from throughout 2020 to make you smile:

Thanks for making 2020 as moderately alright as it could be, Harry. We owe you.

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