Harry Styles Shines Bright In "Golden" Music Video

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After dropping many hints and quite literally getting himself caught during filming, it was no surprise when Harry Styles dropped his new music video on October 26th. Running, dancing, and swimming through the beautiful country of Italy, he truly lives up to the lyrics of his song, shining almost "too bright." I think it's safe to say that we could all use a little bit of that sunshine in our lives this year, and of course, Harry would be the one to deliver it.

As the word "Golden" lights up the screen, we see Styles running through a tunnel toward the camera. The tempo of the music builds until he shouts the first "hey!" of the song, donning a true-to-himself Gucci number that's sure to catch your eye. As the video continues, you're shown a number of scenes; some of him continuing to run, some of him driving, some of him in that same Gucci outfit as he dances down the street, and a few others.

The mood of the song feels fun and uplifting, though when you take a minute to listen to the lyrics, you can tell that there's definitely some underlying pain. Something that I can truly relate to is being in the midst of a painful experience, but forcing yourself to try to focus on the good, thinking that if you ignore what's going wrong, maybe you'll be able to get beyond it and find my peace. Doesn't usually work out that way, but Styles proves himself to be relatable once again.

It isn't clear exactly what meanings lie behind the way that he chose to showcase the song in this video, but I do have some thoughts of my own. In the past, there was a photo posted by director Vincent Haycock of what appeared to be multiple versions or personalities of Harry on set for "Lights Up." I get similar vibes from this video, where it appears that he's trying to show all sides of himself, whilst still maintaining the happy, kind persona that he's known for. To that, I'd once again say that he's relatable. We all have different sides to us, whether they're known publicly or they aren't. It's a journey, to say the least, to reach a place where we're able to truly find freedom in that and let other people in to see. Harry seems to be doing a good job of it.

As he dances around in the light blue Gucci suit or as he seems sullen whilst driving the car away from what one would assume is the metaphorical "bright light" that he's singing about, he has our attention piqued in that "I can't look away no matter how hard I try" sort of way, not that we'd even want to. But that's no surprise because he has a magnetic draw about him that has gained him millions upon millions of supporters from all around the globe, even causing him to be compared to Elvis on numerous occasions.

It's very interesting, the way that he chose to release music videos. From the beginning with "Lights Up" where Styles asks us over and over "do you know who you are" and truly makes us begin to wonder, to "Adore You" where he tells us that he'd walk through fire for us, to "Falling" where he opens up and says that sometimes he falls apart too, to "Watermelon Sugar" where he just can't get enough of us... We finally find our way to "Golden" where we're reassured over and over again that we're golden... And maybe he knows that he's golden too, even after the whirlwind of emotions that he's faced throughout the rest of the album.

To me, this is truly an anthem to life... but it doesn't end there. The album as a whole takes you on a journey of love, heartbreak, bitterness, denial, happiness, sadness, and everything in between until you finally reach acceptance. Or, at the very least, hope.

We could all use a little bit of hope in our lives right now.

One day soon, we'll surely see you at Love On Tour... but until then, check the album out on Apple Music, Spotify, or any other streaming platforms that you might use. And make sure to watch the music video for "Golden" below:

Stay golden.

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