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Lo-fi tracks are in-demand. Whether you are in the mood to focus, relax or just chill, chances are you would have encountered one of the many Spotify instrumental playlists like lofi hip music and chill beats music and it is hard to miss the distinct, wordless tunes peppered with nerves-calming audio stimulation. The mixes combine chill hip hop tracks and downtempo ambient sounds usually best associated with a studying or relaxed mood.

It is not surprising that the popularity of lo-fi as a genre has grown tremendously with its easy listening and lean-back soundscape. Especially with the pandemic lockdowns and heightened stress levels from keeping indoors, lo-fi music provides the kind of comfort we all need with its mellow beats and dreamy vibes.

That is how 24-year-old Dutch artist and producer, Sebastian Kamae, impresses us because the groovy drums, live instruments, jazzy melodies and lo-fi sounds in his music bring all the right vibes to any occasion. With close to 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, his music is a testament to how the genre is resonating with the audiences’ appetite for lean back sounds. In a pandemic year which live music screeched to a halt, the mega lo-fi playlists on Spotify has boosted discovery opportunities for artists like Sebastian and continue to play a pivotal role as a platform to connect the artist and the audience.

Born in 1997 in Kloetinge, the Netherlands, Pim Sebastiaan de Jonge (Sebastian Kamae) started his journey at only five years old, when he had his first music lessons. Quickly, he discovered his love for the piano and in high school, he started producing and making beats. While developing his skills, Kamae played in several bands. He decided to study MediaMusic at ArtEZ and graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in 2018 in music production, composition and audio engineering.

Sebastian dropped his first album, Waves in 2018. His 2nd full length album Enjoy the Ride was mostly recorded in Chicago and was released in 2019, featuring lots of collabs with upcoming and established artists such as MARTIN $KY, Ajani Jones, and Qari. ‘Texture’ is his latest release and is one of his best yet, featuring Chicago based rappers Blvck Svrn and Roosevelt the Titan. It concocts a mishmash of soulful beats, hip-hop and calming instrumentals that put you straight into a focus mood.

“Thank you to everyone out there who is listening, it means the world. I'm very grateful to be able to live off of music and focus on my art and craft.”

– Sebastian Kamae

Get to know the man behind some of the biggest lo-fi hits, with some even boasting more than 6 million streams on Spotify, through these quick fire #BMELAsks questions:


Q: Lyrics first or melodies first?

A: Melodies

Q. Summer or Winter?

A: Summer

Q: Prefer happy songs or sad songs?

A: Depends on the mood, to be honest!

Q. 90s music or 00's music?

A: Hard to choose, but since I was born in 1997, I think 00’s!

Q. Headphones or Speakers?

A: Speakers, for sure!


Q: Song that makes you want to dance?

A: The Worst in Me by Kaytrana, Lady by Modjo and The Thrill by Wiz Khalifa & Empire Of the Sun are 3 examples of tracks that make me want to move!

Q: Favourite live music festival?

A: Woo hah! festival in the Netherlands

Q: Song that always make you sad?

A: Remember by Mac Miller of DWDD by Fresku & Asiah

Q: Your sing-in-the-shower song?

A: Sleepless Nights by Dinner Party & Phoelix

Q: Your favourite song you made?

A: That's a really hard question as well, I'd probably say my best work yet is still unreleased, but if I have to choose one: 'Sebastian Kamae - Mine (feat. Jack Red)'.

You can also listen to Vondelpark released on ChilledCow here:

With another remix track on the way and set to be released today on 18th February, Sebastian has a few more words for his fans, “Thank you to everyone out there who is listening, it means the world. I'm very grateful to be able to live off of music and focus on my art and craft. I recently did a limited edition vinyl campaign from my 2nd album 'Enjoy the Ride' and was really overwhelmed by the support!”

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