Jackson Downer: Musician, Mixer, and Must-See Performer

Photo Credit to Jackson Downer Article by Emma Saletta

Musician and songwriter Jackson Downer has been gaining a fan base on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram through his metal rock covers, and as the lead singer of the band Secrets You Can’t Keep. However, Jackson showed another musical side of himself by posting a cover of Justin Bieber & benny blanco’s “Lonely” on November 30th. Although people may perceive him as a rock musician with a talent for performing song covers, he’s more than that.

Growing up in Winslow, ME, Jackson had always known he wanted to be a musician. He started writing music and playing the saxophone, trumpet, and piano when he was ten years old. However, after being introduced to classic rock bands and the Guitar Hero video game, Jackson learned how to play the guitar and drums. “I was playing at high levels, and people thought it was amazing. I was loving the people watching me and was like, what if I was on stage doing this for real?” Already learning how to play the drums, Jackson asked his uncle to teach him how to play the guitar. From that moment on, the guitar and drums became his primary instruments.

After beginning his freshman year at Winslow High School, Jackson and some of his friends formed the band, Bones of Ego, which gained attention from students, teachers, and eventually the entire town. Although he exited the band two years later, he began to play the drums with a piano-playing classmate for fun, eventually forming the famous Winslow High School duo Key Sticks DD. Once he graduated high school, Jackson continued to play music and create his most recent band, Secrets You Can’t Keep. Even though he loved playing with all of his band members, he decided to continue music as a solo artist. “I felt like I needed to get out and do what I feel like I was always meant to do… there are musicians I would still love to jam with, and there is nothing stopping me from doing it.”

Currently, Jackson is continuing to pursue a solo music career, posting behind the scenes vlogs on his YouTube channel and is recording, mixing, and creating more videos of himself performing song covers and songs that he’s written himself. Admitting that it takes at least 15-20 hours to make one video, he finds it worth it, especially since his fans mean so much to him. “There’s not many words that can describe how much all the fans of my music mean to me. I just try to let them know that in the ways that I can.”

For those who wish to learn more about him, follow him on Instagram and check out his videos on the Jackson Downer YouTube channel! Below are two of his song covers that are available to watch on YouTube.

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