Janelle Monáe's new song "Turntables"

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Janelle Monáe is back with the release of “Turntables”, a song written for the release of Amazon’s new documentary “All In: The Fight for Democracy”. This is her first piece of original music since releasing her Grammy-nominated 2018 album Dirty Computer.

Filmmakers Liz Garbus and Lisa Cortes created this documentary to examine the history of voter suppression and the activist who fight for the rights of U.S citizens. This documentary comes during one of the most critical elections of our time, and Janelle Monáe brings us our fight song.

In an interview for Apple Music, Monáe sat with Zane Lowe to speak about “Turntables”. Monáe was very grateful for having the opportunity as it reignited her creative passion for music but coming with the grueling and vulnerable process in writing the song amid everything going on in the world.

This song comes during a table where change is being demanded worldwide, as Monáe says the tables are turning. It highlights the lesser appreciated individuals in our everyday lives. It’s about taking a step back and acknowledging these essential people that keep things moving forward. Monáe makes it clear that they are family.

“The table ’bout to turn,” she repeats as the song opens. As the track progresses, she demands “a different vision with a new dream, we kickin’ out the old regime”. She calls America “a lie,” adding that “the whole world ’bout to testify”. The motif of tables turning is a call to changing times and that ultimately for us to fight for that change.

“We are changing things. The tables are turning. The rooster has come home to roost. So this song is capturing direction. And when you think about a record, when you think about a record spinning, when you think about the revolutions per minute, it’s all connected. And that is what this song means,” Monáe tells Zane Lowe

All In: The FIght for Democracy will be available to stream on September 18th on Amazon Prime.


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