Jedward Sends Message of Positivity and Hope with 'Teenage Runaway'

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Who do you first think of when we talk about Europe’s twin musicians with multiple singles reaching the top of charts? If what comes to mind is the name Jedward, give yourself a pat on the back! John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward, are Europe’s most famous twins after releasing their iconic first single ‘Under Pressure – Ice Ice Baby’. Since then, they have released three number one albums, and established themselves around the world after reaching the finals in Eurovision, twice.

The twins have toured all over Europe including London, Brussels, Madrid and Stockholm, and even performed for President Barack Obama on College Green in Dublin in 2011.

Did we also mention? The Jedward empire is incredible (with this editorial article thoroughly dedicated to this community of fans who have awed us in so many ways). Their support, enthusiasm, and energy are the reasons why Jedward has successfully build a household name for themselves in the UK and Ireland, including their own hit TV shows featured on the BBC and RTE. They have also signed massive endorsement deals such as a Jedward branded phone and commercials for Nintendo.

Speaking about music, the charismatic twins released their latest single ‘Teenage Runaway’ on October following their fourth studio album ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ in 2019.

‘Teenage Runaway’ screams a message of being a free spirit and remaining hopeful in face of challenges. The music video, shot against a backdrop of artistic locations along Downtown LA, and a train runway filled with graffiti-covered fright transportations, projects a real sense of “live life to the fullest”. It is a showcase of John and Edward’s lyrical talents because they managed to genuinely convey the message of being true to yourself and appreciate everything in the moment. ‘Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough and a little different, don’t give up”, these lyrics reveal the deep sense of maturity and recognition that we should take a chance on opportunities and dream. Watch the video here:

Throwing back to ‘Voice of a Rebel’ studio album released in 2019, all 22 tracks cover a host of themes such as love, passion and desire that were written entirely by the duo. There is definitely something for everyone in this album. My personal favourite ‘Soul Crushing’ echoes a melancholic feeling of loss yet the up-tempo pop dance tune makes you want to bob along. ‘Wishmaker’ is also another track on my personal Top 3 because its dance melody puts you in a party mood and the lyrics scream positivity and seizing the day. What better way to feel like you are on top of the world than blasting the track out loud, even when most of us continue to stay indoors during this bizarre and strange times?

To turn up the love for ‘Voice of a Rebel’, here are my personal favourite lyrics off every track on the album. Tell us what are your Top 3 songs are, we love to hear what ticks for you!

Soul Crushing

“I won’t let this rejection get the best of me”

Bodies in Action

“I’m burning up thinking what we could be”

Follow My Whispers

“It is okay babe, we all have scars”


“No more playing it safe I’m gonna save the day”

Teenage Runaway

“Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough and a little different, don’t give up”

Phoenix Wings

“Let’s fly so high cause you helped me through the dark”


“Everyone needs a hero and that’s what you are to me”

Respect Your Dreams

“Step into the light, free your soul. Respect your dreams”

Kid At Heart

“You gotta let yourself taste the freedom”

True Calling

“We gotta stand for what we are, can’t let them tear us apart”

Taste the Heat

“Come on, let’s make some moonlight memories”

Spice Things Up

“Tonight I want you to be the boss”

Lip Bite

“We got chemistry because my blood starts pumping”


“You give all this life, something so fresh and true”

Freedom You Deserve

“I know this world can get dark at times, just promise me you’ll wait till the sunrise”

Born to Touch Your Heart

“Just know you’re perfect forever with all your scars”

Running with the Angels

“I found the courage within I’m gonna carry on”


“I have your back no matter what cause I’m a survivor no matter what”

Heroes of the Future

“Look for the bright side in this life”

Choose your own Adventure

“Cause the future is worth fighting for, let me hear you roar”

Live for the Magic

“Don’t let the fire fade, let keep this moment alive”

Voice of a rebel

“We’re meant to be, we will make it through”

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