Kiiara and PVRIS Make A Comeback with Future Pop "Numb"

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I wouldn’t have expected these three artists to come together but somehow it works exceptionally well. Usually when there’s this many people on one track, and who are so different, I’m apprehensive initially but I very much rode the wave on this one. I’ve been both a fan of and inspired by PVRIS and Kiiara separately, and I will listen to a specific song or album of theirs depending on my mood. PVRIS is electronic infused with a heavier-hitting tone heard in alt rock and metal while Kiiara is more mainstream in sound. Futuristic pop track, “Numb” was officially released by Atlantic Records to platforms September 8, with a visualizer being released to Youtube curator MrMomMusic September 9. It’s funny, because the artist who I’ve wanted for the artist of the month, Dounia, reminds me a little of Kiiara with her sound and the vibe she gives off. I also get a bit of Lisa Vitale of Terror Jr. when listening to Kiiara.

Artists these days are delayed in releasing music but the music that’s been released has hit differently. I’ve seen several of these people I follow come up on a million streams, and for Nick Ortega of PRXZM (who we featured last week), 5 million, which brightens my day. Lesser-known artists are finding success like never before, and truly finding their audience -- much like Kiiara, DeathbyRomy and PVRIS have done with this song. The visual itself reminds me of the animation featured in the Final Fantasy franchise. The women seen are futuristic, dreamy, and ethereal -- somewhat out of reach, like in a video game. It’s a little bit “emo” as some might say, but in the best way. Lynn Gunn of PVRIS does an amazing job of intricately bringing out emotion in her songwriting, using metaphors for lived experiences like love lost, and death.

The darkness within shines on this track, and I’m loving to see it. It embraces the fact that we are not all sunshine--we go through hardship in life. It’s funny, I saw a comment on Twitter that said that people who make music like that should just quit. I respectfully agree to disagree. A part of making art is expressing all parts of the human experience, and some of those include the darker, shadowy aspects of our personalities. In terms of songwriting, there was quite a team put together here! Producer MAG mixed, engineered, and co-wrote the track alongside EDM producer Melanie Fontana. Fontana has written for notable acts like Britney Spears, Krewella, and BTS, who we’ve previously featured in other articles prior. Garnering 25,000 views in just two days, I’m pretty impressed but not surprised as these artists have cult followings. PVRIS alone has maintained 1 million monthly listeners, even after having to make some lineup changes. It was made publicised in a statement that guitarist Alex Babinski was involved in a sexual misconduct case and would no longer be involved with the band. Kiiara has earned herself over 4 million monthly listeners. DeathbyRomy is just shy of 752,000 monthly listeners, but I have a feeling that will change drastically with this freshly inspired collaboration.

Connect with the artists here:

Kiiara: @kiiara

deathbyRomy: @deathbyromy

PVRIS: @thisispvris @lynngvnn @brivnmvc

Kiiara, DeathbyRomy, PVRIS - “Numb” Official Music Video:

MrMomMusic Visualizer:

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