Lie Like This In Our Strangest Dreams: Rachel Bochner

Article by Megan Vineberg

New York-based Rachel Bochner released her latest single, “Strangest Dreams,” off of her upcoming EP, 2 A.M. about those late-night thoughts we all have, (the snippets of which I loved) set to release at the start of the new year. Chills already! The future pop track was produced by BABYBOYBLUE and co-written with Sasha Bellentine, and Annick Blaize over FaceTime. Imagine! I was reminded of a bit of previously featured EDM group PRXZM with this one. Bochner brings new life to the sentiment that less is more with her sultry vocals delivered in harmonies and outstanding production. You guys know I love me a good synth and keyboard track. While I say this a lot, I am utterly mind blown by Bochner’s simplistic but still encapsulating style of performance. It goes to show that you don’t always need the bells and whistles! Ultimately, Rachel has found what works for her and stuck to it, and we’re oh, so glad that she did.


Since naming Julia Michaels our October Mainstream Artist of The Month, we've talked about her any chance we got! Rachel Bochner’s cover for “Lie Like This” is no exception. I discovered Bochner over TikTok of all places (yes, I’m now on TikTok--thanks to Jay)! I was really on there for Borderless Melodies, in fact, but as I browsed through content, I started to enjoy it a bit more. In my liked videos, you’ll mostly find ones of other musicians because I love going in on the process of creating a song with an artist--it makes you feel special, like you’ve gotten to know a part of them no one else has. In a way, it’s when we’re at our most vulnerable. What stood apart most to me were these lyrics:

Is there something I’m missing that my mind is trying to say / Am I running out of time / Am I trying to run away / I swear the moon is haunting me / Feels like the strangest dreams are keeping me company lately



My first impression of Rachel’s TikTok performance for “Lie Like This,” was that I was taken in by this stripped-down version. There’s something magical about the essence of a song in the making like that one, it can feel more personal. Rachel didn’t try to sound like Julia, which I appreciated. She had the sense to make the song her own, which is the way to go. I also really liked how she had the LED neon lights (like a lot of people on TikTok--myself included). It was pretty cool that the lighting in her background directly matched the Borderless Melodies color scheme.


When doing research on Bochner for this article, I was shocked at how there was maybe one or two interviews done, and only a few songs that came up in SEO for her. For such a talent, she deserves more recognition. Bochner is inspired by record-breaking artists like Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, but it all started from a very young age performing for the family. Like me, Bochner went the music business route as an intern at a record label and realized she wanted to put out her own music instead. It’s no wonder she has the formula to make it big! Also like me, Bochner is an Aquarius Sun and Aries Rising. Guess who’s an Aquarius Sun with Aries Moon and Leo Rising?! We would be fast friends if we were able to connect IRL, I think. When reading up on the inspiration behind Strangest Dreams, I was reminded yet again of myself as I often have an erratic sleep schedule with insanely vivid dreams, and I love interpreting them for hidden messages. It’s all about self-reflection, our body’s way of processing thoughts running data like a computer. Inspiration for my own songwriting usually comes late at night also, when I’m thinking a lot and have to write it all down.


The EP officially drops in January. Talk about something to start off the new year with! We are so ready. Until then, keep an eye out! Rachel’s next single, “Pick Me Up” is set to release November 13!

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