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Colson Baker, otherwise known to the public as “Machine Gun Kelly”’s fifth studio album, Tickets To My Downfall has just dropped, with some killer standout features like The Used, YUNGBLUD, Halsey, and the legendary Travis Barker. Barker is credited for production on the tracks, giving them nostalgic, youthful energy. There’s sonical resonance with Blink 182 here that we can all appreciate. I mentioned this with Yung Xander’s album. If you haven’t checked out either of their albums, well, what are you waiting for? Trust me--if you like that, MGK’s latest release will scratch the itch of nostalgia for you. If, like me, you grew up listening to punk and alternative music, you know who the Used are, though they haven’t been around for quite some time. Blink 182 of course has always been a staple in the music that I listen to, and in the music that I continually seem to find my way back to.

You’re just a witch and I drank your poison baby / I’m not mad, I just want us to be better / It feels right when we’re together

This set of lines in the song stood out to me particularly because I think we all know someone we can’t resist. It sounds to me like a hint of that combined with heartache and devotion. I was a bit late to the party with MGK, I’ll admit. I fell in love with his sound after the fact. With this new change in direction, my attention is piqued I must say. It seems the consensus on him is either love or hate -- as if there is no middle ground or grey area. The song that introduced MGK to me was “Bad Things,” with Camila Cabello, and honestly, I wasn’t a fan of that feature at all really. Going from rap to a more alternative sound isn’t easy, of course. Still, this album transitions Baker nicely into the scene.

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