More Than Machines

Photo Credit to More Than Machines/Alice J Photography

Article by Megan Vineberg

Upon doing research for the site’s upcoming playlists, I stumbled on More Than Machines and now I can’t stop listening. Their sound bridges the gap between metal, the sounds I’m more exposed to now, and electronic, the roots from which my own artistry stems. Some of the members trained in classical music, and the others in EDM, so they’ve dreamt up a fusion of sounds that are perfectly molded. Their spacey artwork is what initially caught my eye but the combination of clean vocals, growls and grunts is what left me wanting more as a listener.

If you haven’t heard of More Than Machines, they are an electronic metalcore band out of Dublin, Ireland! It was only a year ago that they created a kickstarter to fund their album, complete with music videos, promotional tools, merch, recording, mixing, and mastering. Entirely independent, this band exceeded their goal of raising ¢4,350 instead raising ¢4560 in just over a month. For a debut album, I am beyond impressed by the raw talent coming off this album. At the very end of “Fade,” for example, you hear vocal effect that wouldn’t ordinarily get mixed into a song like this and yet, I find that it works.

Check the album out below.

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