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Anderson Paak. is back with a new song called "Lockdown," the music video directed by Dave Meyers. The song is groovy, but also very eye-opening. It addresses the ongoing protest movement against police brutality, while also tackling the COVID-19 virus that continues to spread over the world. In the music video, fans get a surprise verse from TDE artist Jay Rock, as well as pop-up cameos from Andra Day, Syd, Dominic Fike, and many more. In the cover art for "Lockdown," you can see a list of names of black people killed by police and others; including Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Trayvon Martin, and more. If you're looking for a song that lets you speak what you're feeling without saying a word, this is a nice choice.

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The duo Surfaces and Elton John collaborate on "Learn to Fly," an amazing mix of music that spreads positive vibes with a smooth melody. Created during quarantine, the song is about lifting yourself and everyone around you up even when things seem down; shining bright during the darkest of days. Looking up is a natural thing people do when feeling lost, we tend to search for a sign of hope for a better day. With that belief held high, we might just learn to fly.

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Wale delivers a brand new EP called, "The Imperfect Storm," produced by McClenney and Bizness Boi. The flow of the EP focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality, and the political climate going on in the US. Like many artists at the moment, Wale expresses everything that's been on his mind following the death of George Floyd. The tone of music that flows through the EP is remarkable, each track blending right into the next. The cover art for the project is a perfect picture that captures the vibe of the EP This is Wale's latest project since "Wow... That's Crazy." If you get a chance, check it out.

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Kiana Lede is back with "Dear Mr. President." She addresses the feelings multiple people are facing and how the President doesn't understand or even care what's going on in the country. Kiana wants to have a one-on-one conversation with the President; ask him personal questions about what he truly believes and feels about what he has been doing, his actions, and how he can sleep while people die and suffer in his country. Kiana pours her heart and soul into this song and you can feel it radiate in the air as it plays.

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Angel Cintron releases "Hometown," a heart-warming vibe that reflects on achieving your dreams no matter what, even if that means leaving your hometown. Everybody has a path, and for Angel, her dreams are starting to become reality. An upcoming artist who is on the rise to become one of the greatest. Angel knows her ideas and vision for her future can only go so far by staying in her hometown. Times have changed, she's all grown now, and ready to get serious and take being an artist full-trottle. Check out her amazing music.

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Ambrose Brown and Cursed Prince released "Scene." This is a personal song for both artists, but moreso to Ambrose. It describes revolving around that one scene in our life that we all love so much. Dealing with what we like in life, even though it isn't healthy for us; such as drugs, unhealthy relationships, etc. It is a poem to the artist himself, something he needed to get off his chest so that he can finally feel free and forgive himself for all the extra weight that is carried on his shoulders. As people, we love to dance around the same ongoing scene, but we also cling to the baggage that comes with it. Why do we love the scene so much? Why do we put ourselves in certain predicaments? These are just some questions that run through Ambrose's mind and it shows in his music.

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