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Glass Animals released a new single “Heat Waves” from their third upcoming album, “Dreamland”. A dope and wavy song that takes your mind for a cruise while your body drifts to the instruments. The song reflects on how you can’t make everyone happy even if you try and being okay with losing now and again. As people we tend to hold ourselves up to such high statures, from wanting to be treated like royalty, to never letting our guard down and hiding our feelings. It’s as if when we show our emotions we are considered weak, which isn’t the case at all. There’s massive strength in embracing your vulnerability, look at it as a positive not a negative. The lead singer and producer, Dave Bayley, told FLOOD Magazine that the new album is about being in a certain state of consciousness, that la la land place we go to when daydreaming. The album focuses on all of the thoughts, memories, and emotions that Dave finds himself thinking about while off in his head. You can check out the full album next month on August 7, 2020.

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Ty Dolla $ign is back with new song called “EGO DEATH” featuring Kayne West, FKA Twigs and Skrillex. The title is a mention to the effect that takes place when one loses all sense of self. It is often linked to a psychedelic experience or reaching a state of enlightenment through meditational practice. The song is a metaphor for how Ty sees the fall and outcome of his relationship. How the person he grew to adore and cherish soon left, causing the relationship to crumble. Ty was forced to take a step back and reexamine how he holds himself in life. You can check out the song on Ty Dolla $ign's upcoming album “Dream House”.

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GASHI releases “Upset” featuring Pink Sweat$ and NJOMZA. An upbeat song that discusses love in all forms; from searching for it, to trying to maintain it, and eventually losing the love all together. Love is scary but it’s also a beautiful feeling to have, but you have to be brave enough to go out and grab it. Some people would do anything to find love, while others are too scared to even open up the idea of falling in love. It’s upsetting when a relationship doesn’t work or when you're constantly waiting for a certain person who is never available. Some people dwell on the past and others never look back. If they aren’t the one, don’t worry, you'll find someone else.

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Buddy is back with a new single called “Faces” featuring Lucky Daye. This groovy song is about all the faces we make during sex. The build up to a good time is different for everyone, some like to ease into things while others just cut to the chase. Whether the sex comes from love or lust, either way it all goes down. If you need something to play in the background or just something to cruise to, this is a nice choice.

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Check out the charm and vibes of Shilxh, a Texas singer and songwriter on the rise

since 2017. Her music sound is Indie Pop with a little bit of R&B mix, she just released a brand new single called “BLOOM”. A beautiful song expressing her feelings of connecting with someone and herself, yet still being delicate like a flower starting to bloom. She’s ready to start growing not only with her music, but also with a new relationship. Her love and energy radiates in her music, just like how vines take over the soil, Shilxh will take over the world.

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Meet Renzo, a newly Republic signed artist from Corpus Christi, TX. From the group called Village Hate Society, also known as VHS Renzo the next artist on the rise. Quickly blowing up on social media, his style consist of R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop. His single “Dizzy” is quickly getting recognition and making its way to the charts. A great soothing song that talks about that special someone we could just got on and on about. Pillow talks and late night conversations, to Date ideas the feelings are there and you can feel them. If you're looking for a new artist to check out, definitely keep Renzo in mind.

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